Congratulations on making it to the end of this free video series. Just by observing these three great Masters, you’ve already taken steps towards improving your capabilities. By the simple act of watching these classes, you will be making changes to your thinking: some small, some big. It is sometimes amazing how much our minds can learn just be taking the simple step of watching a video with an intent of learning.

Take a moment to think about your own practice list.

What areas have you found yourself focusing on recently?

Are you focusing on learning more songs in depth? Composing? Ear training? Sight reading? Comping? Improvising?
And what about things you might want to do someday? Maybe it’s playing a duet with one of your heroes. Maybe it’s performing your own music in front of a nice sized audience. Maybe it’s simply bringing more musical beauty to this world playing in local venues, performing your own creations, or growing your own Youtube channel?

Not too long ago, Neilson’s ratings reported that the jazz genre eclipsed classical as the least popular genre.

But if you’re like us, you realize that the jazz genre is only a small part of what learning the jazz style is all about.

  • – Jazz is imaginative yet thoughtful.
  • – It’s allowing yourself to think differently about songs you learn.
  • – It’s not being satisfied with playing something just like someone else does, or even playing exactly as you did the previous time.
  • – It’s simultaneously being happy with what you just played, and then heading back to the practice room to do it even better the next time around.

Jazz is growing. Evolving. It’s improving every year.

Your musical journey is likely the same, growing and evolving every year.

We believe there are four important fundamentals that will help propel any student in their musical journey.

We call them the four C’s.


Over time putting forth consistent efforts to reap the most benefits.

To improve Consistency, each month you can choose one new class to add to your library.  You are in control.  Whatever you are focusing on learning, a new tune, comping, improvising.

For many students, one class per month is just the right amount of time to properly digest the concepts presented.


Taking courage to step out of your comfort zone and play in front of someone…anyone.

To challenge your Courage, Members are encouraged to submit recordings of their playing or practicing to receive feedback from the Masters and other Members in our Members-only Facebook group.

In addition, students are encouraged to ask questions to Masters in the class area or in the live question and answer sessions with the Masters.

One of the quickest ways to gain mastery is to force yourself to play in front of others.


Learning from a Master teacher that is at a level that not many are reaching, and can teach in a way to elevate your learning.

Coaching. Just from the three different Masters you’ve already viewed in this series, they have created over 75 masterclasses on this site. MMC has an extensive library on a vast array of topics.

Who you learn from can certainly improve how quickly and effectively your time is used.


Why is it that so many times, our new year’s resolutions fail after one or two months?

Commitments often start out easy, but fade quickly…unless we set protective measures in place.

All it takes is one moment to commit to yourself, and to your future and say, next year, I will be playing differently than I am now.

These are the fundamentals that have driven us to create a membership specifically to promote those aspects.

Finally, I’ll add one more ‘C’ that has some importance as well.


We realize most people here are Musicians. We’ve learned that cost has to make sense in a typical Musician’s world.
We surveyed our current followers about what price was most affordable, yet reasonable. The result, keep it under $20. So we talked to the Masters. They said, “Let’s do this!”

But can we do even better?

By attending this free series, you have demonstrated to us that you are serious about learning your instrument. We want you to be a Member of this community.

Therefore, we would like to improve our offer to you. Should you choose to become a Member in the next 5 days, we will lock you in at a monthly membership rate of $14.95 per month. That’s one class credit every month you can use one any class you want, Member pricing, access to the Member-only group, cancel at any time, and keep any classes and credits for as long as you want, all for just $14.95 per month.

That’s roughly the cost of one movie ticket per month.

Simply click on the button below to lock in this rate for you to decide in the next 5 days. No need to enter any credit card info. Just let us know you are interested and we’ll keep your spot open.

Want to see where a few months will take you?

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