Tony gets down to the real nitty-gritty in this hour and a half non-stop lesson that is just jam packed with cool concepts. He opens up the session improvising over Alone Together and proceeds onward like Hannibal crossing the Alps and takes no prisoners. Introducing nine individual arpeggiated sounds for a dominant chord gets you well on your way towards conquering any prior fears of altered chords and how to improvise over them in conjunction to their apparent cadential functions. He offers his famous “Units” studies and this time it involves the all too often used melodic minor scale in a new way. Watch and listen and learn how you can be in the driver’s seat with this jazz minor scale and not merely take a back-seat to any mere paint-by-numbers approach. Tony displays yet over another easily recognizable tune, There Will Never Be Another You, how to play fills in the areas where the melody is sparse, thus paving the way for anyone who wants to improve in the art of accompaniment. Tony also introduces fusing various scales together in order to enhance your lines within improvisation, some off-the-cuff ideas for the blues as well as various additional musical tips all within a relaxed, yet unrelenting enclave of ideas and advice. Go for it!

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A New Model In Viewing Improvisation - Lesson V
A New Model In Viewing Improvisation – Lesson V 01:33:00

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  1. A way of life


    Mr. Decaprio is not giving licks, He won’t give us the notes We should look for ourselves. He is giving you a way of practicing for the rest of your life.

    by Sergio Jaén Lara

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