If you’ve been playing guitar for years, but still feel a gap in your playing – this might be what you’re looking for.

In “Book One Page One”, Sid Jacobs explores musical fundamentals that seem simple but are powerful. Taking a page from his friend the late great Joe Diorio, “We’re always on Book One, Page One”.

You’ll discover in this Masterclass:

  • Two essential voice leading exercises through the circle of fifths (these seem obvious, but the way Sid does it shows you how to hear and see the changes even clearer)

  • The way you can simplify a song into melody & countermelody (and get out from the grip chord trap)

  • See how Sid takes a single Jimmy Wyble Etude phrase & transforms it into a powerful exercise that makes your contrapuntal playing even better 

  • Great sounding voicings that you can use that incorporate open strings and fretted notes in “Moon River”

  • More applications of fundamental music concepts in the tune “Two for the Road” by Henry Mancini

  • See how Sid adds moving lines to make his arrangement of the Bill Evans tune, Very Early sound more orchestral (he even explains how you can outright steal certain moves that you can use in your own arrangements!)

  • Why and how the song All The Things You Are can be a perfect vehicle to apply Bach like contrapuntal approaches and good voice leading 

  • Secrets to make you can sound more like a contrapuntal pianist rather than a typical chord melody style guitarist

This is really a masterclass that will benefit you for years to come!

The best part of it all is that every time you watch it, you get even more of the subtle details in Sid Jacob’s masterful playing. And, in addition to the video, you also receive 12 pages of Sid’s personal solo guitar arrangements so you can study closely his contrapuntal & harmonic approach.

Ready to allow your guitar playing to level up into an even higher level? Let’s begin now with “Book One Page One”!

Class Length: 203 Minutes

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Book One Page One – Part I Download 01:37:32
Book One Page One – Part II Download 01:45:31
1. Welcome 00:01:35
2. Voice Leading Exercise 1 – Cycle of 5ths 00:03:37
3. Voice Leading Exercise 2 – Contrary Motion Elaboration 00:03:59
Working with Jazz Tunes
4. Wyble Etude 1 00:08:36
5. Cadences 00:04:24
6. Moon River – Voice Leading 00:11:26
7. Two for the Road – Mancini 00:05:06
Soundsliced: Two for the Road Excerpt FREE 00:00:59
Soundsliced midi practice: Moon River 00:02:00
Soundsliced midi version of Two for the Road 00:01:30
8. Bill Evans – Very Early – Working with moving voices 00:21:39
9. All the Things You Are 00:15:07
10. Duke Ellington Tune – Do Nothing Til You Hear From Me – Cadence Work – Counter Melody 00:14:48
11. Bill Evans – We Will Meet Again 00:07:24
Sid Teaches in Conversation with Student
12. Cycle of Fifths continued – conversation style 00:13:39
13. All the Things you Are – cycle of fifths with thirds – conversation style 00:13:38
14. Leonard Bernstein West Side Story Maria 00:12:30
15. Leonard Bernstein West Side Story – Conversation style 00:11:47
16. Chromatic scale in contrary motion 00:05:53
17. Leonard Bernstien – Diatonic in A Major scale 00:08:49
18. Maria conversation continued 00:15:22
19. Maria played by Sid FREE 00:03:01
20. Sub-dominant cadence exercise 00:20:51

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  1. Perfecto!


    Love Love Love It , Perfect Lessons,Exactly what I needed , something really clicked with this one , Much Gratitude to Maestro Sid Jacobs !

  2. Book One Page One


    I SO SO SO wish I could give this 5 stars because Sid is one of the most amazing musicians, persons, teachers, everything, there is, and I jumped at this class from the moment I saw it posted; not a single second thought. There is a fantastic amount of great, unique material here, but the section with Sid and a student left me aggravated and ready to…… I dunno, bite the head off a possum. (OK, that’s an exaggeration). The problem is that Sid conveys SO much good info, but the student kept talking over Sid, interrupting, noodling while Sid was trying to explain things, that it became very distracting for me, as a second-level observer, to glean the ideas that Sid was trying to offer. I’m sure the student is a wonderful guy, and maybe nervous being on camera, but he got in the way of what Sid has to offer, which is A LOT.

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