All the scales covered

A simple tool like the major triad, well known for most jazz players, now becomes a powerful device for improvising and composing, and for a better guitarist’s understanding .
These triads have a very strong sound in itself. For this reason, we can mix them and improvise with many of them together.
In this clinic we will learn to use major triads belonging from Melodic minor, Diminished, Harmonic and Augmented, so we are covering all the scales that we use in Western culture.
I added two blues of my own, of which the melodies are based upon major triads indeed.
Most important of all, we will sound more modern than before, and many new melodies will appear in our sonic palette. Geniuses like  John Coltrane, Joe Diorio, Pat Metheny and many more used major triads in their playing.
Juampy Juarez

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How to Improvise with Major Triads
How to Improvise with Major Triads 01:00:00

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