The Major Framework
Connecting the Positions (Framework)
Systems of Approach within the
Major Framwork
Linear Concepts (micro and macro)

Includes exercises in standard notation and TAB.

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Major Linear Concepts
Major Linear Concepts 01:18:00

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  1. 5

    I would like to tell you about the lessons that I bought from Jay Mikes masterclasses
    The first has been .. Major Linear how to play with class and taste of an agreement apparently static and Jay expertly crosses the Ionic with the Lydian mode with a refined timing.
    refined. The second Dominant Linear, even here on the timing of the sentences is the master and it starts to go out for the territories.
    The third dominant altered. Here. Experts in the field is to decrease tensions and stairs. These three classes in addition to succulent licks, Jay a lesson in how to connect the sentences on the handle.
    The last Giant Steps, Jay is correctly emphasized for most of the video on the harmonica, because if you store the symmetries nn nn can be free to improvise with skill.
    Waiting for the second part I would like to publicly thank Jay for what he taught me.

  2. 5

    A very revealing approach to creating lines all over the fretboard. Playing inside and outside and freeing oneself from the theory of why something works and just making it sound good by resolving, is very liberating. I also think using a chord as an underlying basis for finding your way around seems to bring a more intuitive approach to finding and creating ideas. Thank you Jay.

  3. 4

    Content first rate.
    Jay has a good way of communicating the concepts
    ….and many of them sound great and fresh to me.
    Only reason for 4 stars [vs 5] is that the
    video quality is not what we’ve become accustomed to
    with other content providers….notably MMMC….and the lack of built in slow down facility.
    Considering the pricing of your [excellent] content
    it would be good if the videos could be played on
    other formats with slow down feature built in.
    VLC works well….for instance.
    So….what about considering the cost of the videos?
    Love Jay’s stuff and would get all of his offering….but….a $ is a $ …I’m sure you’d get more business to more than make up the difference…&/or
    offer a limited time stream for cheaper….What do you think?
    The buzz would be greater through the likes of the Jazz Guitar Forum for instance where I rarely if ever see
    Mike’s Masterclasses discussed.

  4. 5

    Jay has some great ideas about creating modern lines over major chords. These concepts sound very modern and fresh, yet they are so connected to the physical layout of the guitar, you wonder how you could have ever missed them.

    Great materials and clear presentation! Thanks!

  5. 5

    This video is filled with modern improvisational concepts applied to the major chords. It’s then up to the advancing student to start applying these concepts to Melodic/Harmonic minor.

    Jay has the ability to demonstrate these concepts fluently.

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