In this 4th installment of John and Mike’s Reharmonization and Modulation series they break down the Harmonic Minor Scale and how it can be applied to Major tonalities and how they can be applied to chord voicing’s and improvisational ideas.



Utilizing the #9 over Major tonalities

Superimposing Triads within the Harmonic Minor Scale over Major tonalities

Weaving in and out of Major and Harmonic Minor tonalities

Variations within triads to change the sound of the tonality


Expected Outcome:

To have a new set of sounds and colors to help expand your possibilities of what to play over Major7 tonalities.

  • Improvising with a pulse and no fixed meter
  • Chord shapes as templates for single line improvising


Chord Voicings
Modern Jazz Guitar

Expected Outcome:

Have motivation and skills to create modulations in arrangements and improve memorization and transposing abilities.

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