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This time Juampy is teaching his ideas on polyphonic improvisation. Polyphonic improv is perfect for the solo guitar style, duo with a bass player, or guitar trio. This jazz guitar lesson will discuss why many of the wonderful solo players out there, after they have played their chord melody arrangement on the melody, don’t improvise, or improvise only with lines.  In Juampy’s opinion, this is not what solo guitar style is about, or at least the music begins to sound weak.

Juampy loves solo guitar style. He took ideas from the past masters like George Van Eps, Jimmy Wyble and Ted Greene, but always trying to adapt to his own style.

Some of the topics discuss in this polyphonic improvisation jazz guitar lesson are:

  • Triads playing a very important role in polyphonic music. Combining these triads with diatonic lines.
  • All the scales are covered. This information is useful for comping , arranging chord melody and composing.
  • You will have a different view of the scales and overall guitar vocabulary.
  • Examples are applied to jazz standards, blues and II V I sequences.

Class Content

Polyphonic Improvisation
Polyphonic Improvisation 01:04:00

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