Using clusters and fourths for a contemporary sound – Post bebop started around 1959, with new records like “Kind of blue” by Miles Davis, “Jazz of space ages” by George Russell, “Giant Steps” by John Coltrane, and one year after “This is our music” by Ornette Coleman.

These innovative landmark records contain plenty of modal jazz, quartal chords, clusters, and more.

After those great albums, monster musicians like Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, plus Bill Evans and McCoy Tyner, contributed with new chord ideas and new scales, similar to the ones that contemporary classical composers used at the dawn of the 20th century.

In an easy way, I’m trying to teach you how to use these modern sounds:

  • chords stacked by fourths with the addition of open strings,
  • quintal chords over thirds chords,
  • plus clusters(formed by seconds),
  • and how to apply to simple blues forms,
  • jazz standards and bossa novas.

These are my investigations on these areas, based on my experience playing with many greats over the globe.
Today, this material is a must if you want a contemporary , modern sound. No doubt about it.

All the best!

  • Running Time: Just under an hour
  • 6 written pages in standard notation and TAB
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Class Content

Post Bebop Comping: Contemporary Sound with Clusters and 4ths
Post Bebop Comping: Contemporary Sound with Clusters and 4ths 00:58:00

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    This is a TERRIFIC class. There are only 3 areas covered, but there is a LOT of material within those areas and Juampy integrates the techniques into real-life playing very well. The written materials are very useful and fit the video material. I only wish that the delay were reduced a bit on the improv sections over "Stella" and "Wave" as some of the lines were a bit hard to hear with all the processing, but it was well worth multiple listenings to get all the ideas absorbed. Terrific class.

    by james Seaberry
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