In this package of 5 lessons, Jake Reichbart teaches his arrangements of some of Wonder’s most popular songs

There’s no doubt that Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest composers in pop music. And there’s no doubt that his songs are a must-have in any musician’s repertoire. Just imagine playing those beautiful arrangements all by the guitar itself. Well, that’s possible and in this course you can learn how.

Jake Reichbart is a solo jazz guitarist holding a remarkable record of a 30 year (and going!) weekly gig at the famous The Earle restaurant in Ann Arbor, performing there every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He won WEMU-FM’s Emily Remler scholarship for best guitarist. And appears in countless recordings and jingles.

While Jake’s musical philosophy is always rooted in jazz, he has realized over the many decades of performing at The Earle and elsewhere that in order to engage an audience and keep their interest, you must perform tunes from a wide variety of repertoires from all eras and styles. Having Stevie’s songs as an obvious choice.

In this package of 5 lessons, Mr. Reichbart teaches his arrangements of some of Wonder’s most popular songs. Throughout the course you will learn not only how to play them, but also how they were thought musically and therefore how you can do something similar by yourself!

The arrangements are a very close to the original version for fingerstyle playing. You will be playing chord melodies as a translation of the so particular style of Stevie Wonder’s singing. Learning various possibilities to a nice and interesting performance…including many chord variants, melody contrasts and textural possibilities. In addition to that, learn an impressive way to enhance the bass and the melody.

Each video will include a presentation of each song with Reichbart demonstrating close up insights to the arrangements. He will analyze the chord progressions, teach how to correctly play the main melody and then how to improvise through the theme.

You will learn the importance of rhythm in a performance, for what he will give 3 ideas on rhythm for improvisation.

Reichbart teaches us when and why to get close to original. And also, what kind of changes are needed to be made. Besides, you’ll be able to translate to the guitar the unique voicings that Steve used. With a demonstration of the many variations that can be made for the chords that compose the song.

Each of these songs have a particular character, with different difficulties which demand different technics. In order to conquer the best of the expressivity of the guitar, it’s important to cover all of its possibilities. Because the approach depends on the very nature of each song.

The full performance of each song is included at the end of each video lesson.

What will you learn?

  • How to create personalized arrangements.
  • Improvisation with a theme.
  • Improve your fingerstyle playing.
  • Different ways to enhance the bass and the melody
  • Create interest in a performance.
  • Learn how to translate Stevie Wonder’s style to the guitar.
  • Play with flow and rhythm.
  • Learn different colors, effects, and textures.
  • Improvisation with a theme.
  • Tricks with the guitar for interesting sounds.
  • How to sustain the discourse.

Songs included:

  • My Cherie Amour
  • You Are the Sunshine of My Life
  • Isn’t She Lovely
  • As
  • Overjoyed

Running time: 7 hrs 15 minutes

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Isn’t She Lovely – Complete Guitar Lesson 01:38:00
As – Complete Guitar Lesson 01:21:00
My Cherie Amor – Complete Guitar Lesson 01:16:00
Overjoyed – Complete Guitar Lesson 01:32:00
You Are the Sunshine of My Life – Complete Guitar Lesson 01:17:00

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