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Note from Mike:

Reflections on session with Howard Alden

I had the privilege of spending the day with Howard, including playing together, talking about our musical journeys and recording classes for Mike’s Master Classes. It was interesting to hear how he got involved in music and his passion for jazz and the people who had a huge impact on his growth. The more time I spend with and listen to Howard, the more I realize the depth of his knowledge and his technical mastery of the guitar. Playing together was such a joy (while hard to just focus on making music without thinking I am playing with the greatest jazz guitarist in the world!). Howard was very gracious and hesitantly offered some suggestions for my playing after some prodding. I was instantly able to incorporate his suggestions into my playing. A very special day!

9 responses on "Howard Alden Free Video 1"

  1. Can these lessons also be forward to others I know who may be interested?

  2. After watching the Howard Alden video it seems that “comping behind another guitarist” would be a great instructional video idea.

  3. Great video. I have been playing and teaching electric bass professionally for many years and found much to admire in this video. I love how often “suggestions for beginners” turn out to be some of the deepest, most comprehensive bits of advice about playing music.
    Thanks for this!
    Wishing the team at Mike’s Master Classes all of the best!

  4. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the offer and how much I enjoyed the video. It’s always a great experience to have guitar greats share there tips and knowledge. Sometimes you can read examples and text and not get the whole picture. But hearing and seeing the duo section performing, helped the concept of chord playing control sink in.

    Thanks again.

  5. WOW….Lottsa great stuff there, Howard has it down, and some good advice. I really enjoyed the video.
    Thank you.

  6. Thanks very much for give me and everybody to learn

    Eliseo lloreda

  7. Thanks very much for give me and everybody to learn

    Eliseo lloreda

  8. Howard Alden is one of the all time greats..! Thank you for setting this masterclass up. I look forward to more from Howard.

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