Diatonic Triads Complete pt. 2 – Suspended Triads

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Diatonic Triads Complete pt. 2 – Suspended Triads Class Content | Tom Lippincott

In this second class from the diatonic triads series, we will explore suspended triads. These triads can give an impression of openness due to their lack of the 3rd interval. Since the 3rd interval is central to traditional triads and tonal harmony in general, suspended triads are useful for achieving a modal, harmonically nebulous sonority that is associated with more modern sounds. The so-called sus2 triad also falls into this family and will be discussed as well.

Diatonic Triads Complete part 2: Suspended Triads covers:

  • introduction to all five types of diatonic triads
  • definition of suspended chords and their history
  • map of all inversions of suspended triads
  • explanation of the concept of diatonic suspended triads, with example exercises
  • using diatonic cycles, including contrapuntal movement, to gain fluency with inversions and voice leading
  • exploration of open suspended triads
  • alternate fingering for open sus triads
  • applying diatonic cycles of open and close triads to the melodic and harmonic minor scales
  • examples of single note musical phrases incorporating all of the above
  • using sus triads derived from melodic minor over a minor II V I progression
  • 54 minute running time
  • includes 11 pages of written examples and exercises
  • includes backing track for minor II V I musical example
  • All musical examples from the video are provided in music notation, tablature, and chord grid form.
  • Each example performance is shown in close-up view and titled and numbered for easy navigation.

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