Monthly Membership July-August Discount

$14.95 / month

Congratulations on making it to the end of the free video series. Feeling motivated?  Just by observing these three great Masters, you’ve already taken steps towards improving your capabilities.  Between Steve, Tom and Howard, they have created over 75 classes available here at Mike’s Master Classes.  With a monthly membership, you can dive into one class per month of your choice at our lowest rate.

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We are offering this rate to you as a reward for completing the free video series.

No long-term obligation.  Cancel at any time.

Offer Expires August 31, 2020



What do I get?

1 Credit a month.  Currently good for any of our 305 Classes including Download, regardless of price.

Your own library of lessons to build.

Exclusive Member-only Savings. Additional 20%-off on all classes.

Member Only Facebook Group. Gain access to interact with Masters and other Members for tips, suggestions, and further insights.

Easy Exchanges.  Don’t love a lesson?  Change it for FREE any time.

Free for Member Classes. All free for member classes and Q&As are included.

– $14.95 per month through the rest of 2018. After that, $19.95 / month.

Keep Class Purchases Forever. Any class you buy with your monthly class credit, you keep forever.

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