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Sid Jacobs Tucson Workshop: Session I Class Content | Sid Jacobs

How do YOU do chord melody?

In this masterful 2-hour and 7-minute long guitar workshop, you find out how jazz guitar master Sid Jacobs approaches chord melody playing BEYOND standard block chords, harmonized automatic voicings and memorized arrangements.

If you’ve always loved playing chord melody but feel trapped with set arrangements, discover how Sid deconstructs the basic elements of music & song to create powerful arrangements.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s all about melody.

From there, it goes into the importance of melody, making etudes from the musical ideas that interest you, tension resolution, guide tones, creating voicings, enharmonic voicings, voice-leading, Lenny Breau stories, Joe Pass chords, the power of dynamics and Ted Greene ideas.

It’s about understanding the building blocks of music in order to create your very own strong arrangements. Soon, you too will be improvising melodies that reflect your own musical identity!

Sid’s humorous and light hearted teaching style makes this session enjoyable even when he goes deep into advanced concepts like fourths, the overtone series, triad pairs, and upper structure triads.

This session captures the depth of Sid’s years of musical experience and technique. He draws from what he learned from Ted Greene, Lenny Breau, Joe Pass and his own studies of the music of Bach & the jazz canon.

Prepare your notebook and guitar in hand as this is one that will be worth watching again & again.

If you’ve bought Sid’s other masterclasses, this clinic will give a preview of many topics that Sid covers.

If you’re new to Sid’s videos, this is a value-packed way to start exploring his wealth of knowledge and increase your understanding of music and the guitar.

Don’t miss out on this & let it level up your guitar skills today!

Full video is 2 hours and 7 minutes.

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