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The Life Vest Arpeggio for Jazzers Class Content | Genil Castro

Have you ever been overwhelmed with having to memorize too many arpeggios?
Have you ever wondered about a simpler way to navigate through jazz compositions?

Well, you’re in luck as Genil Castro has decided to share his personal approach to simplifying jazz chord progressions.

He will show how he uses one arpeggio shape as a life vest to float and survive through the treacherous jazzy sea!

In this master class you will discover:

  • The Life Vest Arpeggio (and how it helped simplify his playing)
  • How to maximize this arpeggio over both major & minor II-V-I progressions (and altered chords too)
  • Musical applications of this concept so that you can apply it in your own playing

If you’ve been stuck not being able to smoothly connect lines in your jazz improvisation, this might be the gateway to help you level up today.

  • Full video is 39 minutes
  • 18 Pages PDF
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