Everyone knows the Blues, right? Whether you’re new or continuing your exploration of jazz guitar, you most likely are familiar with the Blues. Mike’s Master Classes Founder Mike Gellar presents his first class on using the Blues as a foundation to build on. Mike begins with the most basic, 3-chord, 12-bar blues. Each chorus after another he clearly introduces alternate changes to the Blues, evolving into ii – V – I, I – VI – ii – V and other chord progressions often encountered in playing jazz.

Mike teaches you how to Learn and Understand these progressions so they become part of your playing and not something you need to try to memorize.
This class is targeted to Beginning and Intermediate players.

Sub-topic 1 Multiple chord progressions
Sub-topic 2 Pedal Tones
Sub-topic 3 Approach Chords


  • Blues
  • Chord Voicings
  • Harmony
  • Jazz Blues

Student Outcome:

  • Understand Chord Numbering System
  • Play the Blues with more variety
  • Develop a mental data base of common chord progressions
  • Transcribe chord changes more easily

Skill Level:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate

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Class Content

Using the Blues to Expand our Harmonic Knowledge Full Class
Using the Blues to Expand our Harmonic Knowledge Full Class + Download 00:35:41

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