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  • Bebop Flow: Connecting Harmonic Concepts with the Family of 4

    Learn how to play in any harmonic situation and create long, fluid lines with this concept of applying the Dom7 Be-bop Scale with a group of chord substitutions called "The Family of 4" Read a review of this class in Guitar International Magazine ...

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  • Blues: A Modern Jazz Guitar Approach - Part I

    The Blues: A Modern Jazz Guitar Approach - Part I The twelve-bar blues progression has been a mainstay of the repertoire of every jazz musician since the birth of jazz in the early twentieth century.  Over the years, as jazz evolved and sub-styles emerged, the blues form proved itself to be both...


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  • Modern Jazz Guitar - Part II

    Modern Jazz Guitar Complete Series Modern Jazz Guitar Part 2, Melody, covers: in-depth analysis of modern jazz guitar single-note soloing techniques examination of a standard chord progression (chord changes from "All the Things You Are") and brief overview of basic chord/scale analysis t...


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  • Bebop Flow Part 2: Combining Families for Altered II V's

    Sheryl Bailey continues her series on Bebop Flow, where she teaches how to play in any harmonic situation and create long, fluid lines with this concept of applying the Dom7 Be-bop Scale with a group of chord substitutions called "The Family of 4".  In this class, she shows how to combine fami...


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  • Modern Jazz Guitar - Part I

    Modern Jazz Guitar Complete Series The twenty-first century has, so far, been an exciting time for jazz with a flurry of creativity and innovation energized by the newest generation of jazz musicians.  The guitar has become a more important instrument in jazz than ever before, and jazz groups fe...


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  • Lenny Breau Style: How to Comp While Soloing

    Breau's use of 2 and 3 note comping chords while he played melodies was a big leap forward for guitarists. Learn the techniques Lenny used to achieve this swinging jazz piano sound and play some of his favorite phrases and comping chords. 3 Pages in PDF Class Length is 1hr 35min ...


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  • Rhythm Changes - Modern Jazz Guitar Approach - Part I

    After the blues, probably the most played and most essential chord progression/song form in jazz is the famous “rhythm changes.” This chord progression, originally derived from George and Ira Gershwin’s classic “I Got Rhythm,” written in 1930, has been performed or recorded by countles...


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  • Fundamentals Checkpoint

    We all know how important fundamentals are. But are they mastered to the point that they can be called upon at any instant during performance? For instance when a guitarist comps, he/she must be able to put any note of their choosing on the top of their voicing quickly and accurately. Without kn...


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  • Tools for Improvising - "Autumn Leaves": 3-part Lecture Series

    The standard "Autumn Leaves" is taken apart and reassembled using basic music fundamentals that gradually morph into more advanced ideas and techniques that jazz players use on all standard repertoire. Included in this class: Harmonic/melodic independen...


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  • Applications of Triad Motion Studies Inspired by George Van Eps

    I often get requests to demonstrate how Van Eps' triad studies in Harmonic Mechanism's can be applied to comping and soloing as well as chord/melody.  In this masterclass we'll see how his multi-line  triadic approach can add depth and interest to triads and upper structure triads. If you've...


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  • Making The Changes - Translating the Jazz Language on Guitar

    Join Jake for his first Mike's Master Class, "Making the Changes - Translating the Jazz Language on Guitar".  Jake will cover substitute changes, inside/outside playing and chromatics.  This class is 2 hours long. ...


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  • Going for Baroque

    This class is an introduction to Baroque-style counterpoint filled with harmonic resources to aid in the ability to compose and improvise within this style. Focusing on contrary motion and the authentic cadence employing secondary dominants, cycles and modulations, the written exercises are desi...


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