Yes, you will get 3 credits right away to use for any three full duration classes.

Follow the sreenshots to order a class.





Yes, purchasing a full duration class with your class credit is just like purchasing it a la cart with credit card or through paypal.

We accept payment with credit card (visa, mastercard, american express) and paypal payments.

Yes, 10 day rentals include all pdfs, mp3s, or other accompanying materials of the class.  However, rental will only include streaming access to the video files.

This is currently available.  This was a common request for our users.  It is hard to remember what you purchased vs what you were thinking of purchasing.  Now, if you already own a class, the system will put a link to “Start Course” or “Continue Course” if you already own it.   See the image below.

Mike’s Master Classes still offers full downloading of class files whenever you purchase a “Full Duration” or “Unlimited” access download (not a rental).

Downloading your video files and course materials are available within the class section.

Once you click “start course”, there should be a link underneath the streamed class that says “download here”.

If you cancel your paid membership, your account at Mike’s Master Classes online will still contain all the classes you have purchased.  In effect, you will be downgrading your membership from paid to the Basic Free version again.  You will no longer be able to attend the live Q&A sessions and any new Q&A sessions will no longer get added to your account. To cancel your membership, follow the steps outlined here.

The live Q&A sessions or classes occur online.  Webinar style. Connecting to the jazz masters without having to leave your home.

1 Class Credit = 1 Full Class of your choice.  Essentially equal to the $29.95 version of the class many students are used to.  You can now pay with 1 class credit to get any one class of your choice.

When you are playing the video on the website and would like to change the speed of the video this is what to do.  First, hover over the video with your mouse.  Second, select the gear icon in the bottom right.  Once that pops up, select “speed” and then choose the desired speed you would like the video to play with.

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