Mike’s Master Classes was created by the guitarist Mike Gellar in 2006 as a way to bring Masters and Students together. Originally, it was conceptualized as a virtual classroom, and for the first three and a half years, live, online interactive classes were held. Shortly after the live classes were started, recordings of the classes were captured, archived and made available for download. While the initial idea of the live, interactive classes was expected to be the main appeal of the site, the majority of students have been choosing to download and view the classes at their leisure. Many students mentioned that the classes are so thorough, that they didn’t have any questions and just preferred downloading the recordings. So, in November 2009, the live sessions were discontinued. However, Masters continue to create and record new classes which are added to the substantial library.

When you purchase a Master Class, you will receive access to instant streaming, a downloadable recording of the Master Class, and any related Class Materials.

Contact Mike at mike@mikesmasterclasses.com with any questions.

The Team

Mike Gellar

Mike Gellar – Founder

Jeremy Oms

Jeremy Oms – Account Manager and Partner

Jeremy is the new blood at Mike’s Master Classes.  As owner at New Blood, Inc., Jeremy has been creating and managing web sites for over 15 years.  His musical background is as a keyboardist often found leading out his local church.

“A website is meant to serve people…whether the website helps to expand their knowledge, offer teaching and training, or simply equipping individuals with tools that may not be able accessable anywhere else.” – Jeremy Oms

Jeremy’s side passions include videography, photography, and enjoying the youthful times with his kids.

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