Class Reviews

A gigantic list of our class reviews.

Over the years, Mike’s Master Classes have accumulated a lot of reviews.  We want to thank all those that have taken the time to write out thoughtful responses upon completing the classes.  We hope your responses will help others find a new class to expand their studies.

Course Reviews

  • Bailey’s Boot Camp Basics

    Wow. I am floored 5

    If anything, you must take this course for the 12 key grip exercise. I've been playing guitar for 15 years and this is exactly what I needed to know. Unfortunately, I've had so many scatterbrained guitar teachers. Sheryl is so eloquent and logical with her teaching. Thank you!
    alan katende
  • Modern Harmony & Harmonic Concepts


    This is a solid class. Definitely lots of ideas to keep you working through for a long time. I've been trying to find that particular sound, and with this class, I feel like I'm finally able to play what I've been hearing in my head. Good mix of practical stuff with theory behind it. 5 Stars for sure.
    Dennis Klotz
  • Playing the Blues and Playing the Changes

    Good way to learn to solo on a jazz blues 5

    Shows Randy’s clear approach to teaching how to solo on a jazz blues in a simple and direct way.
    Az Samad
  • Learn a 2 chorus solo on “Solar” and the techniques used to create it!

    learn to solo on Solar! 5

    if you want to learn how to solo over the changes of Solar, this new masterclass by Randy Johnston gives you a good approach to do exactly that.
    Az Samad
  • Environments for Jazz Guitar

    stuck playing standard chord melody style? get this! 5

    This is a great masterclass for anyone who feels like they’re stuck in a standard chord melody solo jazz guitar approach or if you feel like you’ve been arranging every solo jazz guitar piece the same way again & again.
    Az Samad
  • Beyond The Arrangement: Playing Standards Freely

    Wish I had this earlier! 5

    This masterclass is the kind of video I wish I had when I started playing chord melody 24 years ago! It would really have helped me establish guidelines to learning this kind of playing. For anyone new to chord melody or arranging in a jazz guitar kind of way, get this masterclass now.
    Az Samad
  • Being the Band

    Great for guitar soloists and guitarists who play in duo, trio or other small groups! 5

    I recommend this highly if you play solo, duo or trio jazz gigs and want to get even better ideas to approach standards. Your bandmates (soloists or singers) will appreciate the variety that you will bring to your next gig.
    Az Samad
  • Learn a 2 chorus solo on “Solar” and the techniques used to create it!

    solar 5

    the solo is great and guiding through the solo is a nice bonus thank you
    Karel Vijfschaft
  • Learn a 2 chorus solo on “Solar” and the techniques used to create it!

    Another spectacular lesson! 5

    I’ve been a fan of Randy Johnston for decades. How can you go wrong by listening to this master guitarist explain his thought process for developing lines? You can’t! His discography speaks for itself! The video is right to the point, and covers all the elements of putting a solo together! I love this platform! Adrian L
  • Mastering Fast Moving Changes: Techniques for Soloing on ‘Confirmation’

    This incredible lesson should be called the Secret of Jazz Soloing!! 5

    I probably have encountered at least 1000 lessons on the Internet and otherwise, and this is the best one ever. This is the real deal.!!!! I am applying this lesson to all the songs that I am working on and having fantastic results! Thank you so much for having the insight and sharing this incredible key to single line soloing!! Hi Randy, please finish the Confirmation lesson B Section And depending on what you think, how about doing a similar lesson on 5ths and 7ts, and roots, etc etc Bob B
    Bob B
  • Interior Designs

    interior designs 5

    great class.
    james seaberry
  • Going Outside with the Melodic Minor #5

    Going Outside with the Melodic Minor #5 5

    Very interesting and useful way of thinking about playing outside. Moving between two key centers plus the diminished quality of the lines gives lots of options. Now to get it under my fingers!
    Dane Clarke
  • Anatomy of a Melody

    The finer Points 5

    In this class, Tom explores the finer points of playing a head. It helped to firmly crystallise the concept in my mind of what I have suspected Master improvisers were doing. Further, Tom shows how to use motifs drawn from the melody to improvise a solo. This adds relevance to the song. These are the finer details that take your playing from good to great. Thanks again Tom for another great lesson.
    Pat Lajoie
  • Anatomy of a Melody

    Well done 5

    I was okay with the first 3/4 of the course - it was good, but it's the last 1/4 that involves what I've been working on, and it was very good. I could see more courses on just this portion about improvising based on the given melody. I would have liked more info on the transposition part, but otherwise great ideas. Well explained.
    James Kangas
  • The Improv Style of Cannonball Adderley for Guitar

    Incredible amount of information! 5

    Mike is not only an incredible musician but has a down to earth and very direct way of explaining these examples so people can understand them. I purchased this lesson and have been learning a tremendous amount with these licks from the master Cannonball.
    David Livolsi
  • The Improv Style of Cannonball Adderley for Guitar

    This is incredible stuff. 5

    Wow! This is certainly incredible. Many jazz lovers agree that Cannonball Adderley was one of the great alto players. I know that some folks prefer bebop over the "hard bop" that happened in the 1960; however, Cannonball really does extend, amend, and carry on the bebop contribution that began with Charlie Parker. Mike has obviously studied Cannonball's music in great detail. One can really sense Mike's love for and devotion to this music in this video. In "The Inprov Style of Cannonball Adderley for Guitar" Mike shows all of the details of a faithful guitar version of 12 licks from Cannonball's music. This is just over one hour of intense instruction. Some students might absorb all of this material quickly, but, I must admit, that it is going to take me many hours of study to get all of the amazing details of a few of these licks under my fingers. I highly recommend this instructional video. Thank you, Mike.
    Duncan Herring
  • Unorthodox 7th Chords (Part I)

    Mike Godette's courses 5

    Mike's courses contain excellent content that is delivered in a very clear and concise manner. This isn't "run of the mill" information and will open doors to new and beautiful sounds. Highly recommended!
    James Martin
  • C Minor Blues – Solo and Techniques

    C minor blues - solo and techniques 5

    Excellent lesson! Clearly presented and explained. Warren
    warren greig
  • Walking Bass and Comping


    Steve hits it out of the ballpark once again! I have listened to the video a couple times at work getting an overview, and I'm finally getting a chance to begin working with it. As we know, everything Steve teaches is pretty high-level, so it takes full concentration and time to do proper study. It's a very different than learning landslide or My Creole bell. But what a fabulous lesson! Steve has this uniquely clear, concise and practical way of explaining things. As well as clearly demonstrating things that makes him one of the best instructors I have ever encountered. Explaining things in a way that makes sense, in a very logical sequential manner , it comes so naturally to Steve. That clarity means a lot. I have been working with and collecting VHS and DVDs since the mid-90s. Literally dozens and dozens and dozens of instructors. Give or take a few.. This review does not discuss the lesson with any specifics, as I work with the material I will try to post another review that talks about the lesson with some detail. But just from reviewing the material a couple times, I am confident that this presentation is going to unlock a lot of Doors for a lot of people. It's just a question of putting the time and effort into the study. Thank you so much. Rob.
    rob steinhardt
  • Walking Bass and Comping

    A unique approach to walking bass on guitar 5

    The way walking bass is taught and played by guitarists is usually limited to having chord stabs played only on the first beat of each bar, along with the root of each chord. Steve teaches us how we can break away from this pattern by exploring how chords can be placed on different beats, as well as how to harmonize every note in the bass line. Since chords are being added to notes other than the root, this approach brings about the use of inversions and substitutions -- which adds harmonic and rhythmic depth to the lines. Studying this material should benefit both the comping and solo guitar aspects of your playing. Highly recommended.
    Artur Cardoso
  • Mobile Rhythm Guitar

    Mobile Rhythm 5

    I found this video to be very informative. He breaks down a couple of different approaches. He answered many questions I had about playing rhythm guitar.
    Matthew Adams
  • Unorthodox 7th Chords (Part I)

    Unorthodox 7th chords 5

    This is a great pair of classes!!!! Such unique material; it all seems kind of obvious when you hear and play them...."why didn't I think of these??", but they are all fresh ideas, well presented.
    james seaberry
  • The Chromatic Concept

    truly transformative 5

    This is one of Juampy's best courses. Intermediate and advanced players will find a wealth of concepts and ideas to practice.
    George K
  • Chord Melody ideas for Stella by Starlight, Thoughts on Stella

    Amazing Course! 5

    This course is so deep and interesting! One should definitely have at least some understanding of modal harmony and know Stella already to get the most out of Genil's lesson. He's an amazing player. Like Genil, I was also impacted deeply by Joe Diorio and Lenny Breau when I attended GIT in 1980. I was always drawn to Joe's comping work and solo guitar playing. Lots of work ahead but your knowledge and discovery will be expanded by the things Genil discusses. Highly recommeded!
    Ronald Thompson
  • Developing Jazz Ears

    Developing Jazz ears 5

    What a wonderful class!, a must for understanding tonality and chord functions' relationships, diatonic harmony in general, chord colors ect. To me this is a must, and is based in an invaluable personal expirence
    Julio Sánchez
  • Anatomy of a Melody

    Thank you Tom 5

    Thank you Tom, and the entire site team for so much precious content. Isaac Negrene
    Isaac Negrene
  • Diatonic Triads Complete pt. 4 – 7th no 3rd

    Thank you Tom 5

    Thank you Tom, and the entire site team for so much precious content.
    Isaac Negrene
  • Diatonic Triads Complete pt. 5 – Clusters

    Thank you Tom 5

    Thank you Tom, and the entire site team for so much precious content. Isaac Negrene
    Isaac Negrene
  • II-V-I Motivic Phrases

    Great presentation - extremely helpful 5

    Steve is an outstanding teacher. This class is full of examples that you can use on your own or use as a springboard to come up with your own ideas. I know I will be coming back to this class again and again for ideas and inspiration.
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