Class Reviews

A gigantic list of our class reviews.

Over the years, Mike’s Master Classes have accumulated a lot of reviews.  We want to thank all those that have taken the time to write out thoughtful responses upon completing the classes.  We hope your responses will help others find a new class to expand their studies.

Course Reviews

  • Diatonic Triads Complete pt. 1 – Traditional Triads

    Diatonic Triads pt.1 5

    Another great class from Tom. Knowing how methodical and thorough Tom's teaching style is, I clearly found this was more than just a review of triads; it is the necessary base for the Good Stuff to come. That being said, this class has a lot of great material in and of itself. 5 stars is the minimum for this whole series.
    james seaberry
  • Connecting Your Ears, Mind and Fingers (Complete 3 Recorded Sessions)

    A must have 5

    Important topic, great instructor, a must have. Many thanks to Paul for providing this class!
    Hans Hoexer
  • Paul Bollenback, Pat Bianchi and Byron “Wookie” Landham perform and offer in-depth insights into playing as a high level organ trio

    Paul Bollenback, Pat Bianchi and Byron "Wookie" Landham perform and offer in-depth insights into playing as a high level organ trio 4

    I really enjoyed the class! I learned a few things about interplay and I have to get more familiar with reharms. I'm not familiar with the tune Humpty Dumpty so I want to learn the tune and then relisten to the masterclass. When the music starts playing there is a good setup for the" in the room" sound, it sounds great! My only complaint is the sound of the voices when they are talking. It is nowhere near clear and hard to hear because of a whooshing sound in the background. I wish they would have taken as much care with this as they did with the music. Thus 4 stars. But over all a very good masterclass and I will be listening to it over and over...Thx!
    George Cole
  • Quartal Harmony

    Quartal Harmony 5

    There are plenty of guitarists that are happy to play what they are already comfortable with, keep it smooth and easy; there are others that are looking to push the boundaries of their knowledge and have no fear of reaching. If you are one of the latter, like I am, then Juampy's classes, especially this one, are for you. Getting away from traditional harmony and building ideas in 4ths and 5ths is not new, having been developed over the past 50 or so years, but it usually derives from piano and horn players. This class is strictly for, by, and about GUITAR. The ideas on unusual chords, such as Melodic Minor #5, are priceless.
    james seaberry
  • Single Note Melody Part 1: Making The Melody Sing

    Single Note Melody Part 1: Making The Melody Sing 5

    Steve really lays out a lot of options you have while playing melodies. Take a couple and go through your tunes and apply them 🙂 You will be challenged and have fun and learn new thigs all at once! Thx Steve!
    George Cole
  • The Gravity Concept: Acquiring Relative Pitch for the Bandstand

    Unmissable and essential. Clear and applicable. 5

    This nails it. If you have spent a lot of time on ear training and feel that what happens on the bandstand is a different process then you need to watch this. It bridges the gap by adopting a different method of perception. I can vouch for the effectiveness of the method in picking out melodies but Jamie takes it to a whole different level of sophisticated harmonic hearing. At last I have a reasonable hope of mastering more complex harmonies.
    Ray Bartlet
  • Developing a Personal Approach to Chords 2 – 5 – 1

    Personal approach to Chords ii-v-i 5

    What a GREAT course!!! Short, concise, clear, and original. The material is like a book I bought long ago by the sadly departed Vic Juris, "Modern Chords", which I was maybe not ready for or did not absorb well. This class makes that concept crystal clear. I highly recommend this one. I am eager to get into these ideas right now.
    james seaberry
  • Rhythm Changes Strategies Part II

    Rhythm Changes Part II 5

    Great lesson -- Lots of ideas to play on Rhythm Changes
    Lou Gott
  • The Diatonic Equation

    Bravo Phil 5

    Systematic and thorough, but done with an easy-going approach that draws you in. Plenty of great demonstrations too.
    philip dawson
  • Anatomy of a Tune – Be-bop Style

    Very good lesson 5

    I’m impressed by this lesson. I’m also a jazz guitar teacher and I’m learning a lot from Profesor Roni Ben-Hur. He understands what students need to learn a topic. Thank you.
    Karol Wolnok
  • Comping Concepts Part Two: Ballads and Jazz Waltz

    Comping Concepts Part Two: Ballads and Jazz Waltz | by Steve Herberman 5

    Excellent as always. Steve's a wealth of knowledge.
    Dane Clarke
  • How to Invert ANY Voicing on the Guitar

    Not worth the price of admission 1

    If you know what a chord inversion is, you don’t need this video. I thought that it would provide ‘something else’ other than explaining how to invert chords and showing some examples, but I was wrong. I have other Jake’s masterclasses and really love them, but this one… I feel stupid for having paid 20 bucks for it. Probably it’s my bad for not having understood who this video was aimed for, because it does exactly what its title says, but nothing else.
    Cristian Alonso Palma
  • Rhythm Changes Strategies Part I

    Excellent 5

    Thank you Randy! Can’t wait for the follow ups.
    Tom Clayton
  • Shadow of Your Smile Part 1: Chord Melody, Phrase by Phrase

    Shadow Of Your Smile Part 1 5

    Excellent. I love the informal feel and discussion of various choices that can be made along the way - from simple to complex.
    Dane Clarke
  • Odd Meter Strategies with John Stowell and Micky Lee

    odd meter strategies 5

    GREAT class!!!! I was not very familiar with Micky Lee, but after having this class, I am a believer. I have tried lots of ways in the past to get comfortable with odd meters and subdivisions, but this class broke things down into understandable ways that make me now feel much more comfortable with it. Off to practice in 11!!!
    james seaberry
  • Developing a Personal Approach to Chords

    personal Approach to Chords 5

    What a fine class! I have both of his published books, and the info her is completely different than the books; that is, he is a limitless source of good musical ideas. The class is short, but full of good ideas.
    james seaberry
  • Comping & Self Comping While Soloing: John Stowell & Steve Herberman

    comping and self-comping 5

    A totally awesome class!!! The discussions were very helpful and the chance to comp for John and Steve, and solo while they comped for me was priceless.
    james seaberry
  • The Chromatic Concept

    Chromatic Concept 5

    Juampy was right; this IS his best class yet, and one of the best anywhere.
    james seaberry
  • Stella by Starllight – Changes, Voicings and Lines


    Really helpful lesson. Thanks Randy! I will work on the chord melody and soloing with the suggested scale choices.
    Steven Fairclough
  • Melodic Minor Complete – Part I: Theory

    A lot of great information 5

    I'm always really impressed with how much information Tom provides in his classes, and this one is no exception. There is so much depth that you never feel as if you've learned something superficially, and he emphasizes the need to take what you've learned and keep working at it to get a deeper understanding of the material. Really looking forward to part II of this class.
  • Soloing Using Chord Shapes – “Speak Low”

    Doing More With Less 5

    I really enjoyed this course because Paul took just a few chord shapes and worked his way around "Speak Low" in a very methodical fashion. This class shows you how to play some really good lines without knowing 500 scales and 800 positions on the neck. Highly recommended.
  • Paul’s Picking Power Secrets

    Paul’s Picking Extravaganza! 5

    Excellent course specifically for the picking hand! I hope there is follow up on this course as far as tempos how to handle them, articulation, slurring, sliding, hammering: when to do (for speed, effect). Thx Paul!
    George Cole
  • The String Trio Approach for Chord Melody & Accompaniment

    Class match 5

    This class matches with the Steve Herberman "Fun with 10th's" because if you take away the 7th of the chord you end up with a 10th interval, so I think they complement each other. Both are wonderful classes
    Julio Sánchez
  • The Life Vest Arpeggio for Jazzers

    Life Vest Arpeggio Master classes 5

    This series of classes about the "Life Vest Arpeggio" are wonderful classes that match with the Sheryl Bailey's classes "Be Bop Flow" they are the same concept but in this case concentrated in the maj7 arpeggio and its variants.
    Julio Sánchez
  • Motives Maximizer

    Az is great! 5

    I’m really enjoying this course. I’m feeling more confident in my jazz blues lines and overall approach to incorporating motives into my playing. Az’s sophisticated and clear teaching style is great. Mike’s has some of the best courses out there and this is no exception!
    James Rustad
  • Developing a Personal Approach to Chords

    Developing a Personal Approach to Chords | by Dan Arcamone 5

    Even though I was only able to spend a very limited time learning personally from Dan Arcamone before COVID hit, I still consider him my teacher and myself a student of his. I know I am therefore sounding biased when I talk about his playing, but don't take anyone's word for it, just listen to his CDs (he has many of them) of his original music. And I know this will sound like blasphemy to some but I'll take his original compositions over Metheny, Scofield or Martino any day. He sounds like no other and in my humble opinion is probably top 5 in jazz fusion, (or whatever you want to call it) on the planet. This particular lesson is only the tip of the iceberg of what he knows and is capable of playing. I hope you guys at Mike's Masterclasses can get him to do many more lessons. I've seen him rip up and down the fretboard from about a yard away and went home just shaking my head in disbelief.
    Anthony Saragias
  • Melodic Comping


    Blues and ballad with lots of examples of chord choices and approaches; importance of respecting the melody and complimenting the soloist. Great lesson.
    Dane Clarke
  • Sid Jacobs Tucson Workshop: Session I

    Not nice! 1

    Full of ridiculous jokes and useless stuff!
  • Comping

    Comping Paul Bollenback 4

    Excellent class lots of info on what and how to practice. Also what to listen for 🙂 I understand it is hard to practice comping you just have to do it and get feed back from other musicians how it feels. I would give it 5 stars but the video quality is pretty poor and hard to see (this is a minor point but would help if Paul had a good video camera).
    George Cole
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