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New Website and Upcoming Classes

Latest Releases

These classes are the latest releases to hit the site.

Upcoming Classes

Anxious for Latest Classes on their way?  Take a look at a few of the following new classes and updates that are in the works at Mike’s Master Classes.

Upcoming Releases


Private Lessons

Book a private video lesson with your favorite Master.

Recently Enhanced Classes

We have a lot going on here as we improve many of the classes on the site.  Modernizing them, as well as adding Soundslice, a fantastic way to accelerate learning.  These are a few of the classes we recently enhanced.

Recent News & Class Reviews

In-depth insights from guitarists just like you provide their take on various classes.

Writers Wanted.  Submit your own class review here and we will work with you on publishing.

New Website: What’s New?

Here’s a quick run-through of what features have been added to Mike’s Master Classes website.

Are you serious about your practice?   Mike’s Master Memberships are the most effective way to get the most out of Mike’s Master Classes website.

Included with your MMC Membership:

  • Credits to purchase classes (Credit amounts vary per membership level)
  • Discounted rate on classes
  • Exclusive Access to Q&A Sessions with the Masters

Masters will be hosting webinars in which students can interact, ask questions, and get clarification on concepts and get a closer look at life in their shoes.  The live and taped webinars will be part of the ongoing membership at MMC.  See membership section.

The most popular request is to be able to purchase multiple classes at once at a discounted rate.   Welcome course bundles!  With Mike’s Master Bundles, you can purchase groups of courses at once and save some dollars in the process.

Want to rent a class at a lower rate?   Now you can rent a class and stream it instantly.  Rentals vary in length, but are typically 10 days.

Locate classes of your interest, level, and instrument with easier categorization.

Now enjoy your class purchase instantly with a streamed version of your class lesson.

Class downloads are available as well for those that like to take their lessons on the go.

Want to watch a lick in slow motion? Now you can adjust the speed of your streaming video to half speed, 1.25x 1.5x and 2x speeds.

Each class is equipped with a forum area to post comments and questions specific to the class you are taking. Get interactive, supportive, and more from each of your purchases.

Are you an advanced player and want to make sure a lesson is at your level? You can select the Advanced Category. Likewise, Mike’s Master Classes also categorizes classes into Intermediate and Basic skill levels.

Now, when you browse through our classes, workshops, and courses, you will see which classes you have already purchased.

This latest version of mikesmasterclasses.com is phone and device friendly.

One of the perks of the modernized system is an added flexibility to offer classes of varying lengths. Be on the lookout in the future as we take advantage of this for shorter mini classes.

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