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In an age of synthesized music and overproduction, the music industry has evolved into what some critics say is a shocking departure from the origins of the art. What was once a modern art form has become a way to make celebrities richer and more famous. But behind the limelight of mega-successful pop stars and manufactured lyrics, real artists still quietly perform music for music’s sake, enhancing the craft and ensuring its survival among the less genuine forms of music. Jazz guitarists, sharing a history rife with raw emotion and stunning ability, continue to improve upon jazz technique by adding relevant and interesting new forms to the genre. How are jazz artists making modern music viable? Read on to learn the method behind the form.

Stylized Improvisations

Jazz musicians today take improvisation to a whole new level, creating symphonies of sound using a combination of natural and developed ability. In the early days of jazz music, artists interwove personal stories with their music, which effected an emotional response from audiences and fellow musicians alike. For many years, jazz became mainstream, and while real artists never lost the improvising spirit, commercial jazz became in large part mellower, appealing to the mass market rather than to true aficionados. Recent incarnations of modern jazz have seen a resurgence in improvisation and a desire to get back to the heart of this genre.

A Global Learning Community

While improvisation has returned in full force, master musicians also continue to develop craft and skill using a variety of techniques honed over many decades of experience. The world is much more open now than it ever has been thanks to advanced technology, which means that teachers and students no longer need to remain in the same vicinity or even the same country.

Taking this to heart, modern jazz guitarists have expanded their influence to appeal to a global student base, and modern musicians have equally embraced the chance to learn from masters living thousands of miles away. These low-cost alternatives to traveling and seeking out the masters on their own have led many modern musicians to benefit from genius without expending the time and energy it would normally require. Far from cheapening the evolution of jazz, online videos make it possible to learn quickly and develop effectively.

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