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Dan Arcamone

Jazz Guitarist

Artist Recording Collective artist, Dan Arcamone is a guitarist, composer, and educator hailing from Norwalk, CT. Arcamone’s powerful yet elegant style has been winning over audiences and critics alike. Intricately constructed single-note phrases and rich chordal landscapes mark his highly individualized style. Dan has performed and/or recorded alongside Steve Pruitt, Tony Grey, Panagiotis Andreou, Kenny Grohowski, Sean Nowell, Mark Small, Brad Mason, Jen Allen, Thierry Arpino, Marko Djordjevic, Rich Zurkowski, Matt Dwonszyk, Nathan Peck, Janek Gwizdala, Martin Bejerano, Thomson Kneeland, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Damian Curtis, Zaccai Curtis, and Damon Grant, among others. Arcamone's musical style is hard to pin down with a single term, needless to say it is the result of years of focused study and focused performances. These experiences have culminated in a personalized approach to the guitar that challenges the listener to think outside of their common expectations. As a leader, Dan Arcamone has released several recordings to date: Standards, Vol. 1 (2021), Psalm (2019), X (2018), Evolve (2017), In Colors (2016), In Motion (2010), and Trioisms (2008). In addition to his recordings, Arcamone has also released two books, Melodic Continuity and Counterpoint Exercises on Familiar Chord Progressions, available on his website.
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