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Bossa Nova Bass-ics Class Content | Tom Lippincott

With materials taken from my longer class, The Art of Bass and Chords for Jazz Guitar, this class focuses on one specific subject: the technique of playing bass lines and chords together on bossa nova style tunes.

Written musical examples and closeup demonstrations of these examples are taken directly from the full-length video, but the majority of the video was rerecorded for this streamlined version. This shorter, lower-priced class is designed for guitarists who may not be ready to dive into exploring all the aspects of Brazilian guitar styles and who just want an introduction to the basics of creating effective, great-sounding bossa nova accompaniment that combines idiomatic chord voicings and comping rhythms with bass parts.

If you’ve ever been puzzled by what comping rhythms to play on a bossa or how to get that lovely flowing syncopation that Brazilian guitarists get in their accompaniment parts, this class is for you.

Bossa Nova Bass-ics first looks at each of the two concepts separately, then combines them step-by-step in a logical, easily comprehensible way.

This class is not recommended if you plan to purchase (or already have purchased) The Art of Bass and Chords for Jazz Guitar because the materials in this class will be redundant.

Bossa Nova Bass-ics covers:

  • Basics of creating bossa nova bass lines
  • Shell voicings for use with bass lines
  • Adding color tones/upper extensions to shell voicings
  • Discussion of right hand technique
  • Preliminary exercises for gaining rhythmic fluency and confidence for combining bass and chords on bossa novas
  • Full length example of bossa nova comping with bass on the chord changes to “Blue Bossa”
  • Additional examples of rhythmic variations for chord accompaniment
  • 31 minute running time
  • Includes 7 pages of written examples and exercises
  • All musical examples from the video are provided in music notation, tablature, and chord grid form.
  • Each example performance is shown in close-up view and titled and numbered for easy navigation.
Full Class + Download
Bossa Nova Bass-ics 00:31:28
Introduction 00:02:47
Ex 1: Basic bossa nova bass line 00:01:11
Ex 2: Bossa nova bass line with upbeats and Shell voicings explanation 00:03:43
Ex 3 to 6 00:04:06
Color tone explanation and Ex 7 00:05:52
Expanding the Rhythms
Ex 8 to 11 00:05:28
Ex 12 and 13 00:05:07
Alternate Comping Rhythms and Conclusion
Ex 14 to 16 and Conclusion 00:03:16
Soundsliced Examples
Example 13 Soundslice 00:00:35

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