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Diminished Harmony Secrets: Expand Your Diminished Harmony Vocabulary Infinitely Class Content | Jake Reichbart

As we all know, the diminished scale is unique in its symmetry, we have all moved the diminished chord up and down the neck in minor thirds as a substitute for a 7b9 chord. But what if there was a method to be able to add countless, literally hundreds or even thousands of great sounding diminished voicings to you vocabulary?

This lesson will show you how.

The diminished scale, starting with the half step, (i.e. a Bb against a root of a A in the context of A7, as an example) will produce the 1, b9, #9, 3, #4, 5, 13 and 7, NONE of these being an avoid note. It stands to reason, then, that practically any random combination of these notes – with the variables being how many notes in the voicing, which of the 8 notes are included and on which strings – will produce a viable “correct” voicing for a 7th chord with a diminished scale flavor, the only limitation being your taste, whether you like the sound of the voicing… Put in those terms, coming up with a method to organize and learn such voicings could be daunting.

This lesson will put you on this path by offering a clear, methodical and logical way to produce an initial voicing, to then move it in minor thirds, demonstrating the often neglected “in-between” voicings, thereby created a complete series of 8 scale-chords, then move on to INVERTING the initial voicing, creating three additional new fingerings of the same chord type, then moving THOSE new shapes in minor thirds along with THEIR in-between voicings, and repeat… Virtually limitless.

Regardless of your level, you will come away from this lesson with new chord voicings you can use right away!

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