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Going For Baroque Part III Class Content | Steve Herberman

The goal of this information-packed class is to learn and understand many useful mechanisms that can lead to improvisation in a Baroque style. This time we are going to examine some easier to memorize geometric patterns on the fingerboard making them more directly applicable in improvising.

This class will continue our look at 3 part harmony and contains the following topics, techniques, and devices:

  • 8th note bass melodies below a 6th interval
  • Inner lines between 10ths and other intervals
  • Intervallic triad voicings (wide skips between the bass voice and the middle voice)
  • Approach notes into all 3 voices of triads
  • IV V I progression in both major and relative minor
  • chromatic lines in inner and lower voices
  • contrary motion and finger teams
  • staggered voices/delayed entrances
  • secondary dominants
  • rhythmic displacement
  • melodic minor usage
  • brief discussion of the Bach Lute suites and suggested recordings

If you’ve wanted to understand how improvising in a Baroque-inspired style might be possible then this series is for you! It will help the guitarist in broadening their chord-melody technique.

  • 12 pages of PDF material in standard notation and TAB with fingerings
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