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“It Could Happen to You” Masterclass Class Content | Randy Johnston

Discover Randy Johnston’s signature approach to performing “It Could Happen To You”, the beautiful composition by Jimmy Van Heusen and Johnny Burke. An insightful masterclass, Randy gives you the tools and tricks to navigate confidently through the song. In addition to learning the standard chord changes, you will also see how Randy reharmonizes the piece to create more movement and color.

Randy will teach you how to play a tastefully reharmonized chord melody version of the song. Then, you’ll learn how to combine harmonic minor, diminished, blues via voice-led lines and sequences through the changes of this song. With multiple demos, tons of examples of Randy’s lyrical flowing lines – you’ll be able to learn this song inside out.

Equip yourself with these ideas so that you can play this song at your next gig, jam session or recording!

[Description by Az Samad]

  • Running time: 57 minutes
  • 4 pages of PDF including:
  • reharmonized changes
  • chord diagrams for the chord melody version
  • 2 notated single note lines
Full Video + Download
It Could Happen to You 00:57:20
Intro 00:00:37
Opening Performance 00:04:42
Chord Melody
Chord Melody Bars 1 to 4 00:04:44
Chord Melody Bars 5 to 8 00:05:01
Chord Melody Bars 9 to 16 00:04:13
Chord Melody Bars 17 to 32 00:05:41
Chord Melody Bars 17 to 32 Demo 00:01:33
Chord Melody Entire Form Demo 00:00:53
Soloing Ideas
Pedal Point Intro 00:02:04
Single Note Improvisation Demo and Harmonic Minor 00:05:04
Voice Leading Lines 00:02:19
Front Cycle 00:01:47
Harmonic Minor 00:00:43
Randy Johnston Diminished Scale Fingerings 00:02:30
Harmonic Minor vs Diminshed 00:01:03
Using a Sequence 00:02:38
Blues Sounds 00:01:37
Jimmy Raney All Purpose Ending or Intro 00:02:03
Outro Performance 00:04:54
Addendum – Bluesy Doublestop Organ Trio Idea 00:03:16

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