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Jazz Guitar Comping & Looper Pedal Basics Class Content | Randy Johnston

Solo guitar gigs can overwhelming and scary. There’s no one there except you and your guitar, on stage or in a corner of a restaurant. You’ve called upon your inner Joe Pass and Tuck Andress but it’s still not enough…

Enter the world of guitar looping! By playing a tasteful comp, recorded live (none of that pre-recorded backing track stuff), you can add an edge of energy to your solo sets.

Randy Johnston is here to help you. In this latest masterclass, you’ll discover how to get a solid time feel so that your comping is swinging and solid. Swing and groove is everything so if you want to lock into the pocket, this class is for you.

Randy will share some very practical real world tips on using a looper for your solo sets (and show you the exact guitar looper of his choice and why he uses that model.)

In addition to the practical looper tips, Randy shows you exactly how to practice and develop musical comping chops.

People talk about using the metronome but not many will show you how to really practice with it. We all have heard about practicing with the metronome on 2 & 4 but why does Randy also practice with the metronome on all 4 beats? Find out in the class.

This is an info-packed, actionable and usable class (just like any of Randy’s videos). No filler material, just a solid 33 minutes of info that you can use immediately in your next practice session.

Even if you’re not going to use a looper, this class will help you tune up your rhythmic comping chops.

  • 2 Pages of PDF materials in standard notation (Rhythmic Notation, Chord Chart and Chord Block Diagrams).
  • Full video is 33 minutes
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Jazz Guitar Comping & Loop Pedal Basics FULL 00:33:36
Introduction 00:03:30
F Blues 00:01:51
Basics of Comping 00:04:27
Comping with the Thumb 00:02:46
Comping with the Pick 00:02:19
Feeling the Hi-Hats 00:01:32
What to Play 00:03:19
Adding Upbeats 00:04:13
Comping vs Generating the Rhythm 00:04:37
Charleston Rhythm Variation and Closing Thoughts 00:05:13

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