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Jimmy Wyble’s Etude #1 Class Content | Sid Jacobs

What if you could sound like two (awesome) guitarists playing at the same time?

The contrapuntal sounds of Jimmy Wyble’s two-part playing have influenced many guitarists. Greats like Howard Alden, Larry Koonse, Steve Lukather, John Stowell, Adam Levy, David Oakes, and of course Sid Jacobs (among many others) have cited Jimmy’s influence in their playing. We are fortunate to have the legacy of Jimmy’s legendary Etudes that document his thinking and process.

In this masterclass, discover how Sid Jacobs uses Etude #1 by Jimmy Wyble as a launchpad into different harmonic & contrapuntal possibilities.

You will not only learn how to play the piece (with specific left and right hand fingerings) but also be able to apply the concepts to other jazz standards like Stella By Starlight.

This masterclass will provide you with the tools to develop your ears, hands and harmonic vocabulary into the next level. For the first time as well, you will be able to use the Soundslice enhanced notation of Etude #1 so you can loop, slowdown and study each measure alongside Sid’s world class performance of the piece.

  • 2 Pages of PDF materials in standard notation
  • Full video is 17 minutes
Full Class + Download
Jimmy Wyble’s Etude #1 00:17:51
Wyble Etude #1 Performance [Soundsliced] 00:00:34
Basic Concepts
Intro Performance – Etude 1 in 3 Keys 00:00:55
Resolution to F 00:01:20
Right Hand Fingering 00:01:57
Expanding Ideas
What To Do With Each Measure 00:00:57
Chromatic to the 5th 00:02:34
The Next Set of Strings 00:02:25
Getting More Creative
Turning it into Stella 00:02:46
Joe Diorio and The Hendrix Chord 00:02:09
Almost Never Barre and Conclusion 00:02:49

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