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Let’s Burn One! – Playing Fast Tempos Class Content | Paul Bollenback

Burning tempos! You either hate them or love them.

Some players seem to have all the chops in the world and have those blazing Pat Martino runs sorted. Meanwhile, us mortals seem to struggle anything remotely beyond 200bpm.

How can you finally hang with those trumpet or sax players at your next jam when they call Cherokee or Donna Lee? Well, you’re in luck as you have Paul Bollenback on your side.

In this masterclass, it’s all about the real stuff that you gotta practice to get those burning chops. Paul breaks down the actual concepts and practice routines that he personally uses to develop up-tempo burning bop chops. Paul shares how he feels the time (so that it’s not stressful) to rhythmic concepts and even actual strategies to get flowing phrases. This masterclass will give you a lot of tools to survive and thrive at high tempos.

It may seem impossible but Paul relates his own experiences and struggles learning to play at up tempos on the bandstand. He shares his unique insights that come from an experienced performer.

As you watch this, you will gradually see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, this is not a quick fix. You won’t magically get light speed chops instantly BUT if you want lasting strong jazz centric up tempo skills, this masterclass will be a worthwhile investment.

If you’re into long term solid technique that will help bring fiery excitement to your playing, get this class now!

  • 3 Pages of PDF materials with table of contents & 2 examples in standard notation & TAB
  • Full video is 41 minutes
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Full Class + Download
Let’s Burn One Full Class + Download 00:41:00
Introduction 00:01:47
4 Areas of Concentration 00:00:52
Time 00:07:47
Language 00:11:53
Mechanics 00:12:33
Fretboard Knowledge 00:04:17
Summary 00:02:13
Let’s Burn One Soundsclices 00:00:45

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