Minor Line Concepts


In this class Jay not only demonstrates many minor 7th line ideas but goes beyond the typical lick format by sharing his personal approach to improvisation


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Minor Line Concepts Class Content | Jay Umble

“Become a sculptor of sound to create any effect you want”: Jay Umble states this as the  aim of this course. Over 88 minutes Jay provides an arsenal of approaches to achieve this sound-sculpting goal. While minor lines are a recurring theme, he includes information that covering harmonic, melodic and rhythmic ideas.

From the onset he discusses viewing the entire fretboard as one chord,  using G minor7 as a recurring tonality throughout the video examples.

Jay starts by identify the fretboard areas guitarists tend to avoid while soloing over a G minor7.  Giving a range of approaches, he  builds confidence to create solos seamlessly over the neck.

There is an emphasises on targeting chord tones so that ultimately the improviser can play effortlessly both inside and outside, deliberately manipulating the solos with what he terms as “random points of entry”, i.e., starting a solo either diatonically or non-diatonically at will.

There is a wealth of information about approaches for note decisions on when to play using either a scalar approach (easier for the listener) or  intervallically, ( which the human ear tracks less accurately), which allows the guitarist to take more chances.

This is where wilder and more ‘outside’ tonalities can be created.

Jay also offers ideas on becoming confident even when playing the occasional ‘avoid’ note and how to get away with it!

In this comprehensive course, there is also a wealth of information on ideas about on:

  • approach setups – short and long
  • the use altered dominant ideas
  • how to view chord shapes across the neck for greater fluidity
  • the use of fifths harmony for ultra-modern sounds
  • Single-string soloing ideas
  • Becoming familiar with intervals in relation to the root in every position
  • Gaining control over randomness to build more interesting lines.

Jay’s approach is friendly and relaxed and these concepts are presented in a way that players will find easy to adapt to their own style.

10 pages of written materials in Standard Notation and TAB 

Running time: 83 minutes 

[Class Description by Mike Bryant]

Minor Line Concepts
Minor Line Concepts 01:22:00

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