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Nuages: Solo 7-String Guitar Arrangement Class Content | Steve Herberman

Learn and play Steve’s fingerstyle arrangement of the great 1939 Django Reinhardt tune from the inside out!

The class begins with a harmonic analysis of the original basic chord changes and then moves on to an advanced original arrangement with a bar by bar analysis featuring many useful textures and concepts.

The arrangement includes many reharmonizations which feature:

  • Lots of inner-line motion
  • 16th note fills
  • Counterpoint with contrary motion
  • Parallel 3rds and 7ths
  • Lower and upper pedal points
  • Lenny Breau-style essential tones below a melody
  • Whole Tone Harmony
  • Delayed entrances of bass notes and staggered voices in chords
  • Clusters
  • Ascending and descending contiguous II-V’s

The arrangement includes both fingerings and TAB and also a separate PDF of standard notation only with fingerings.

Nuages is a classic jazz tune every guitarist should know and this arrangement is a terrific finger independence/gymnastic workout. It provides the guitarist with important and useful concepts in solo guitar arranging that draw from pianistic and orchestral techniques. Apply these concepts to new arrangements of your own, a welcome departure from the world of guitaristic “block” chordal playing.

  • Running time: 34 minutes
  • 6 pages of PDF material (4 pages of standard notation plus TAB, 2 pages of standard notation only)
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