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“Over the Rainbow” Solo Jazz Guitar Class Content | Jake Reichbart

In this 90+ minute video lesson, Jake Reichbart starts with a complete solo-guitar performance of the tune in the key of Eb, including a full head, improvisation, modulation up to the key of E and out. He then breaks down the performances into the many elements comprising it.

The first discussion shows the many ways you can connect the very first two melody notes, Eb to a high Eb, “squeezing in” scale and bebop notes, adding chord substitutions, intervals, fills (micro improvisation) and more. From there he continues to break down the entire arrangement note for note, chord for chord, but always keeping in mind that any given passage can be played in multiple ways and encouraging the student to create their own versions.

The lesson is jam packed with chord substitutions, melodic passages, the use of intervals, bass movement, blended voicings with open strings, essentially all the tools used to create a modern chord-melody jazz guitar arrangement.

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