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Playing Changes in One Octave Class Content | Randy Johnston

“Changes are destination oriented.” – Randy Johnston

Where are you going in your solo?
What is YOUR destination?

As guitarists, it can get overwhelming sometimes with the long list of things we need to practice. Repertoire, arpeggios, scales, modes, tetrachords, guide tones, licks, etudes, technique – there are so many things to work on. Where do we even start? Sometimes it can feel like everything is disconnected and we can feel lost when we try to put things together.

In this unique 27-minute masterclass from Randy Johnston, he reveals a practice technique that he learned from one of his teachers years ago. Playing changes in one octave seems like a simple concept but wait till you see how Randy approaches it.

You’ll discover how this helped him develop his amazing soloing chops. This concept can help get us out from playing up and down arpeggios over songs. Find out how you can sound more like saxophonists and pianists who navigate over changes smoothly.

Randy begins by demonstrating the most important notes needed to create flowing lines. Then, he takes the concept through a II-V-I in C major and through 4 choruses of Stella By Starlight. As a bonus, you can also learn a practical chord melody version of Stella By Starlight that Randy plays before he goes into the soloing examples.

So, if you’re looking for a practical way to develop your single note improvisational skills, get this master class now. You’ll get the basics in just 30 minutes and then be able to immediately apply this to your future practice sessions.

  • 2 Pages of PDF materials in standard notation.
  • Full video is 27 minutes
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Playing Changes in One Octave FULL | Randy Johnston 00:27:27
The Foundation
Introduction 00:02:54
The Most Basic Defining Note 00:02:00
II-V-I in the Key of C 00:04:27
Playing Lines in an Octave 00:01:52
Exploring the Concept
The Benefit of an Octave 00:02:18
Middle Octave Example 00:00:54
Lower Octave Example 00:00:52
Stella By Starlight
Chord Melody 00:01:16
Soloing in One Octave – Example 1 00:01:54
Soloing Explanation 00:01:07
Locating the Thirds 00:01:26
Soloing in One Octave – Example 2 00:01:09
Soloing in One Octave – Example 3 00:01:30
Applying with the Tetrachord Concept 00:01:22
Soloing in One Octave – Example 4 00:01:23
Closing Thoughts and Practice Tips 00:01:07

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