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Wyble Etude Applications: Blue Bossa & Danny Boy Class Content | Sid Jacobs

Have you tried learning the Jimmy Wyble etudes?

Maybe you’ve even gotten the play-by-play breakdown of the etudes via one of the Sid Jacobs videos…

…but perhaps you’re still wondering:

“How do I apply these ideas in my own playing?”

Well, you’re in luck because this latest Sid Jacobs videos shows you exactly that!

We recorded hours of Sid teaching various topics from single note improvisation to his approach to solo guitar and more.

We went through the footage, took notes, catalogued them & compiled this masterclass. This is an exclusive concise take on the actual application of the Wyble etudes.

Master jazz guitarist Sid Jacobs will show you how he uses the lessons & techniques from those etudes on two compositions:

  1. Blue Bossa – a jam session war song
  2. Danny Boy – a beautiful melodic ballad

Discover how:

  • Sid uses the melody as the integral structure for his solo arrangement.
  • The importance of triads and how Sid embellishes them
  • What C.E.S.H is & how Sid applies this to create interesting harmonic movement

So, if you’ve ever wanted your solo guitar playing to be more than drapped down block chords over a melody, this is the class for you. Although this class will benefit students who have worked through previous classes that cover the Jimmy Wyble etudes, this class also works as a standalone masterclass.

Get it now & “Wyble” your solo guitar today!

  • Full video is 24 minutes
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