Class Aims:

  • Learn to play an iconic solo from one of the early greats, on an essential standard selection.
  • Develop technique, time, and aural awareness in so doing.
  • Increase our improvisational vocabulary and awareness of jazz guitar styles.
  • Learn how great players modify and/or elaborate standard song progressions.

Mike suggested I take a look at this solo, and I’m very glad he did, as I’ve learned a huge amount in the process. The combination of one of the most iconic jazz standards (“Body & Soul”) and one of the electric guitar’s greatest early pioneers (Oscar Moore of the King Cole Trio), makes for an absolutely fascinating study. In the class, I share my findings, and also some tips I’ve picked up down the years with regard to examining the great recordings. The focus is mostly on this particular solo, so this isn’t a “how to transcribe” class as such, but I have tried to share a few ideas on the subject along the way.

In the full 46m class:

  • We set the scene with a brief discussion of early electric guitar styles in context.
  • I play the solo along with the original recording, now using two different camera angles, to help you see as much as possible.
  • We then go through it phrase by phrase, analyzing various aspects of harmony, rhythm, reference to the original melody, and articulation.
  • In the process, we see how Oscar and the trio find unusual alternative chord pathways through this familiar song, and even include some really adventurous “outside” playing.
  • After we deal with the solo itself, we move on to a discussion of transcription in general, its potential benefits and some of the pitfalls to avoid.
  • Synchronised ‘Soundslice’ notation/tab ensures that you know exactly where you are in the transcription at all times.
  • A lead sheet of the standard song is also included.

In terms of difficulty, nothing in the solo is likely to prove prohibitive to most players, so this should be a fairly accessible class. Having said that, though, even the most advanced student should find plenty here to enjoy – this really is a fantastic passage of playing, which demonstrates how incredibly advanced the early electric guitarists were.

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Anatomy of a Solo Full Class + Download 00:46:50
Soundsliced Body & Soul 00:01:41

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  1. Oscar Moore, Body and Soul


    I’m stumped for words in reviewing this. It will sound trite if I go on about “how much I like the course.” The fact is I do love it. I love the way Jamie presents it, and plays it beautifully! A great way to learn and enjoy a great tune. Thanks!

    by Robert Gannon
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