One of the most useful skills for a guitarist to acquire is the ability to accompany a single line instrument, such as a horn or a voice, in a duo setting, to “be the band”.

“Being the Band” is a course that covers the skills necessary to do an introduction and accompany a melody instrument effectively. It includes 4 intros in Soundslice that you can use as springboards for your own ideas, and a performance example with a top notch horn player.

By the time you’ve finished the course you’ll have a basic understanding of how to approach “being the band”, whether you’re accompanying a singer, horn player, violinist, or any single line instrument. These skills are easily transferred to other situations as well.

Note: a useful companion piece to this course is Christopher Woitach’s “Environments”, also on Mike’s Masterclasses. Look for upcoming deeper dives on some of the subjects covered here in the future!


  • Chord Melody
  • Comping


  • Basic
  • Intermediate

Duration:   60 Minutes

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Class Content

1. Intro 00:01:40
2. Intro to Intros 00:11:45
3. Intros, Examples, & Discussion 00:16:22
4. Intro 1 Swing – Key C 00:00:34
5. Intro 2 00:00:30
6. Intro Ex: 3 00:00:30
7. Intro 4 00:00:28
Section III
8. Accompanying Melody and Solo 00:21:20
9. Performance (with John Moak, Trombone) 00:06:13
Bonus: Endings
Endings Introduction 00:08:19
1. Take the A Train ending FREE 00:00:19
2. Take the A Train ending extended 00:00:22
3. My Baby Just Cares for Me 00:00:20
4. Count Basie 00:00:18
5. Blues 1 00:00:18
6. Blues 2 00:00:18

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