The Blues: A Modern Jazz Guitar Approach part II covers:

  • Applying modern melodic vocabulary to the jazz blues progression, including 4-part-4ths and wide interval patterns and arpeggios
  • Applying modern harmonic vocabulary, including 4-part-4th, Triad Over Bass I and Triad Over Bass II chord types
  • Exploration of tertiary-based polytonal side-slipping
  • Advanced polyrhythm applications for melodic and harmonic improvising including unusual groupings of eighth and quarter note triplets as well as groupings of five eighth notes
  • Running time: 87 minutes
  • 20 pages of written examples, exercises, solos, comping, and chord-solos, with close-up views of the performances
  • each example performance is titled for easy navigation
  • MP3 backing tracks for all written examples and solos (note: these tracks are the same as Part I, so if you already have them there is no need to download them again)

Viewing Part I of The Blues: A Modern Jazz Guitar Approach first is highly recommended. Please see the description for that class

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Class Content

Blues: A Modern Jazz Guitar Approach - Part II
Blues: A Modern Jazz Guitar Approach – Part II 01:27:00

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  1. 5

    Both Vol.1 and 2 are amazing courses, comprehensive, and packed with information. Staying away from cliches, Tom instead uses the blues form to show how modern harmony works and how the blues can support a completely contemporary sensibility. There’s enough information to set a person up for a year…

    by Peter Watrous
  2. Part 2 starts where Part 1 left off


    If one is willing to go through all the exercises (preferably in all keys) shown in Part 1, the student can get a very modern sound over the blues progression. Part 2 digs even deeper, the concepts presented are not only fun, great sounding, but also highly suited for the guitar as an instrument. Tom Lippincott once again proves he is an absolute master of the instrument and jazz guitar education. He’s doing some incredible work, and I’m always looking forward learning from him.

    by Ivan Eln
  3. 5

    Tom’s classes are extremely well put together! The course materials are clear and thorough. I highly recommend any of his courses!!!

    by Jay Heaverlo
  4. 5

    No need to go to a "music school"- I’m 61 yrs old- been a classic rock/blues player for 50 years. I have found the ‘holy grail". Thanks Tom

    by Bruce Casazza
  5. 5

    I believe that this (along with Pt. I) is a really well structured lesson on modern blues approaches. It certainly covers all the basics any jazz player needs to know to play the jazz blues form with modern sounds.

    Part one provides the student with all the foundations needed to play consistently the jazz blues style. Also, this section shows succinctly the development of the jazz blues form from a historical as well as a theoretical point of view.

    In part II I found some really useful ‘quartal concepts’ applied to the jazz blues form. Both parts are definitely very enjoyable and easy to follow, as well as very informative.

    In my opinion Tom Lippincott is not only a great musician, but also an outstanding teacher.

    by Fabrizio Bonacci
  6. 5

    Great guitarist and this lesson are amazing, there are matirial for next 5 years…fulvio
    Thank tom

    by Fulvio Garrione
  7. 5

    a great method to learn the "blues" in a modern and jazzy fashion that has its roots in all other great lessons tom lippincott offers here on mikesmasterclass. reflecting contemporary methods by players like kurt rosenwinkel, jonathan kreisberg or lage lund on top of his own personal spirit or teaching experience, tom offers a fresh but structural way to improve our jazz guitar playing (in an affordable way) in all his lessons here… but guys, no shortcuts, but a real way to advance, thanx a lot!

    by Claude Schedler
  8. 5

    Tom’s classes have really continued to inspire me and open my ear’s to so much possibility. this class is very thorough and the content is broken down in a way that makes approaching the modern sound very approachable. thank you Tom for another great class!

    by Posido Vega
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