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Jack Wilkins returns with another exciting class! Jack will share his techniques for playing solo guitar, including chord solos, innervoicings and utilizing arpeggios and scales with chord solos.

Jack Wilkins’ Chord Solo Class has some very good, basic instruction on chord soloing and some other exercises for soloing.  His demonstrations include the following songs:  You Stepped Out of a Dream,  Here’s That Rainy Day,  Birth of the Blues,  The Days of Wine and Roses,  The Nearness of You and Polka Dots and Moonbeams.

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Chord Solos
Chord Solos 01:36:00

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    Very disappointing. The sound quality was appalling and halfway through was out of synch with the picture, at which point I stopped watching. There didn’t appear to have been any preparation for the class by Mr Wilkins and, I hate to say this, I thought it was arrogant and I felt insulted. There was no structure to it whatsoever and it just seemed to be a guy who’s considered a great jazz guitarist tossing out random words of "wisdom" and the less able amongst us are supposed to be grateful for that. At the start of the lesson Mr Wilkins dismisses the value of triads, I think the late George Van Eps might have had something to say on that subject. I’ve given this a rating of two stars (rather than none) because I didn’t watch the entire lesson and also because Mr Wilkins did recommend the book Jazz Improvisation I by John Mehegan which is excellent.

    ~ Philip Byrne (December 28, 2008)

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