When I listen to some of the greatest improvisers I am always amazed at the outside sound and hearing how lines weave in and out of the key center. One of my biggest influences is Michael Brecker. His lines have some of the best note choices and melodic movement that I have ever heard. So I set out to learn how to try and add this into my playing. I know most guitarist want to be able to play lines that sound fresh and hip as well. Knowing the fretboard well enough to be able to not only follow the changes but to pick and choose what notes are the best to your ear is a goal for most musicians. Starting with two chord vamps is a great way to hone these skills, learn new ones and put them into real world practice.

This course will cover the use of

  • Pentatonics,
  • Modes,
  • Hybrid Scales,
  • Chromatics,
  • Harmonic and melodic Minor as well as
  • Diminished scale in a Minor two chord progression.

Using Miles Davis’ standard “So What” we will get into these ideas with much detail. There are tabbed examples provided and the course is divided into 6 Sections. There is also a breakdown solo over the track to recap the concepts covered. I will provide a link for the backing track which is part of Quist’s YouTube Channel. This version is a funk feel. There are many different styles of backing tracks out there that you can explore if you are into a standard jazz feel.

Modal Funk

If you are looking at adding different elements to your improvisation and creating more hip minor lines then this course should have you up and running in no time.

  • 18 Pages of PDF included
  • 7 Guitar Pro files for each lesson included

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Crushing Two Chord Vamps Intro 00:04:44
Lesson 1 – Playing over the backing track – What to Focus on 00:11:48
Lesson 2 – Pentatonics and Chromatics 00:17:03
Lesson 3 – Mixing Scales, Modes and Triads 00:10:55
Lesson 4 – Building Tension 00:16:28
Lesson 5 – Triad Pairs 00:08:41
Lesson 6 – Solo with Breakdown 00:07:49
Course Recap 00:02:33

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  1. crushing Minor Lines


    Good lesson for Jazz-rock player.
    An attached Pdf would have been nice, less distortion could help to appreciate the lines harmony

    by Jacques SOULADE
  2. 5

    Excellent course. Joe wastes no time and covers a wide range of topics. He also plays the heck outta the guitar. Great stuff!

    by Dane Clarke

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