In Jack’s first Mike’s Master Class, he will share his techniques for extending your harmonic reach and developing a pianistic approach on the guitar.  Visit with Jack as he broadcasts live from his home in Massachusetts.  In this lesson, he’ll guide you through specific strategies and techniques that will enable you to visualize and realize the harmonic potential that’s residing on your guitar fretboard.  Jack will discuss and explain how to expand your harmonic perception as well as how to apply these concepts to a tune.

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Extending Your Harmonic Reach
Extending Your Harmonic Reach 01:17:00

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    I thought this was a very cool lesson. Mr. Pezanelli explained some concepts that were already present in my playing but that I didn’t full understand. I also found I have a lot more to work on! Thank you.

    ~ Chris Bucheit (January 2, 2009)

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