The second part of going beyond the melodic minor scale.

Genil Castro continues his deep dive into Beyond Melodic Minor in part II: Going Outside with the Melodic Minor #5. In this advanced jazz lesson, Genil discusses superimposing dominant scales over static minor chords. If you are looking for modern ways to add life to your guitar sound, look no further than Genil’s class.

In this class, Genil discusses:

  • Introduction to the Melodic Minor #5 scale and its dominant modes Lydian b7 (#9) and Altered (13): Definition and construction.
  • Strategy for playing outside over static minor chord utilizing Dominant scales
  • Chord-scale relationships: Discussion of the chords that can be derived from the Melodic Minor #5 scale and how they can be used in a Dominant chord progression.
  • Soloing and improvisation: Explanation of how to use the Melodic Minor #5 scale in soloing and improvisation, including the use of enclosures, chromaticism, and approach notes.
  • Applications in different musical genres: Examples of how the Melodic Minor #5 scale is used in different jazz and fusion.
  • Practice techniques: Suggestions for how to practice the Melodic Minor #5 scale, including exercises for fingerings, scales, and phrases and examples.


Running time: 39 minutes
8 Pages PDF & Audio Included

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  1. amazing ideas and teaching


    the best jazz teacher out there!

    by yakov esterlis
  2. going outside with melodic minor


    Fantastic 2-clas series!!!! ideas I never had been exposed to. Highly recommended.

    by james seaberry
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