Improve right hand technical facility by mastering finger independence, full and sequential planting, verbally counting while playing, and
using a metronome. The student will also learn to shape a melody, control dynamics and utilize vibrato.

Sub-topic 1 Using a metronome to increase right hand facility and
Sub-topic 2 Full and Sequential Planting
Sub-topic 3 Using a practice mute for increased accuracy of rhythms
at fast tempos

Topics covered:

  • Verbally Counting Sextuplets
  • Right Hand Planting (Full and Sequential)
  • Using a Metronome
  • Melody Shaping
  • Right Hand Finger Independence
  • Vibrato (demonstration only)
  • Using a Practice Mute
  • Guide Fingers
  • Left Hand Preparation
  • Bar Chords

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Improve Your Right Hand, A Classical Guitar Approach 00:23:53

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  1. Somewhat helpful


    There was some helpful info on improving right hand dexterity. NO pdf of Etude. No discussion of using pinky. He seemed to have a fancy metronome, that I’m unaware of, that you can set for triplets, etc. I will work on exercises, as well as finding the piece he used to show case these exercises.

    Addendum – Victor Responded VERY Quickly! He sent me pdfs of Etude. He also provided additional info – pinky not used much in classical music and his metronome is called “pro metronome.” THANKS VERY MUCH Victor!!!


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