This 45 minute class is packed with useful and fun II-V-I inner line counterpoint maneuvers in a minor key. The exercises help ingrain in one’s mind and fingers the key concepts in arranging and improvising in a linear, multi-line manner.

Steve shows you how to create inner moving lines within 10th and 13th intervals. The examples follow close voice-leading principles and will help develop both left and right hand finger independence and dexterity. After a section of 3-note chromatic approach patterns in the inner voice, Steve includes longer phrases with 16ths and 8th note triplets to add rhythmic variety. Bass syncopation is later added for further rhythmic interest.

These basic concepts will help get your arranging and solo guitar improvising and technique to a new and exciting place. 

Running time: 45 minutes

5 pages of PDF materials (TAB and non-TAB versions with standard notation)

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  1. interior designs


    great class.

    by james seaberry
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