In this course with Randy Johnston, learn to play a convincing solo on the changes to Miles Davis’ “Solar”. Create your own solo on Solar, and apply the techniques used to create this solo to many other Jazz progressions.

By taking this course, you will learn a specific two chorus solo on Solar, complete with fingerings. You will furthermore learn the techniques used to create the solo so that you can create your own similar solos. These techniques include chromatic approach tones, upper and lower neighbor tones, substitution of ii OR V chords for the ii-V progression, close voice leading, altered dominant chords, and how to simplify the -7b5 chord.


  • Chromatic approach and Neighbor tone techniques
  • Substitutions to simplify the ii-V progression and the -7b5 chord
  • Comping and soloing on “Solar”


  • Comping
  • Harmony
  • Modern Jazz Guitar
  • Soloing
  • Theory

Includes a PDF of the Transcribed Solo & Techniques Used

Running time: 30 minutes

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Class Content

Solo on Solar Course
Solo on Solar Full Class + Download 00:30:00

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  1. learn to solo on Solar!


    if you want to learn how to solo over the changes of Solar, this new masterclass by Randy Johnston gives you a good approach to do exactly that.

    by Az Samad
  2. solar


    the solo is great and guiding through the solo is a nice bonus
    thank you

    by Karel Vijfschaft
  3. Another spectacular lesson!


    I’ve been a fan of Randy Johnston for decades. How can you go wrong by listening to this master guitarist explain his thought process for developing lines? You can’t! His discography speaks for itself! The video is right to the point, and covers all the elements of putting a solo together! I love this platform!
    Adrian L

    by Adrian
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