Modern Jazz Guitar Complete Series
The twenty-first century has, so far, been an exciting time for jazz with a flurry of creativity and innovation energized by the newest generation of jazz musicians.  The guitar has become a more important instrument in jazz than ever before, and jazz groups featuring guitarists are now the norm rather than the exception.

Guitarists with unprecedented virtuosity and originality have driven the instrument’s rise in prominence and have established a new “modern sound” that is becoming part of the jazz vocabulary.  Players such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, Ben Monder, Jonathan Kreisberg, John Stowell, Gilad Hekselman, Adam Rogers, Lage Lund, and Nir Felder are inventive, ingenious, and forward-thinking while still managing to maintain a strong connection to the tradition.  If you have heard these and other modern jazz guitarists and wondered How do they get that sound?, then this series of classes is for you.

The Modern Jazz Guitar series was created for the intermediate to advanced jazz guitarist who already has a basic command of traditional jazz vocabulary including the basics of improvising over chord changes, comping/chord vocabulary, and knowledge of standard chord progressions.  This multi-part series examines the modern jazz guitar style in systematic detail and is divided into five classes that cover melody (single note improvisation), harmony (using chords for  comping, chord soloing, and self-comping), rhythm, and tone/equipment. An informative introductory class examines the roots of the modern style and includes a discussion of the right and left hand techniques that many of the modern players use.

Numerous musical examples, including specific licks, phrases, and chord voicings in the style of several modern jazz guitarists, are demonstrated during the classes and provided in the written materials in traditional notation, tablature, and/or chord grid form, but the lessons have been designed to be open-ended enough that you will be encouraged to find your own path and work toward developing your unique musical voice.

Modern Jazz Guitar Part 1 covers:

  • an overview of the roots of the modern jazz guitar style and a discussion of how modern players’ styles evolved along a direct line from their predecessors
  • brief surveys of the styles of Charlie Christian, Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, Jim Hall, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, and Bill Frisell
  • analysis of specific elements of the styles of the above players that influenced the modern players
  • discussion of use of single note lines as well as chords/harmony from each player, with examples
  • discussion of technique with emphasis on achieving relaxed and fluid movement from note to note and efficient use of energy
  • overview of the basics of alternate picking, economy picking, and fingerstyle, with examples of each
  • suggestions for exercises using one, two, three, and four notes per string
  • discussion of hammer-ons and pull-offs, with examples and suggestions for practice
  • pick and fingers techniques for playing chords and single note lines
  • backing MP3 play-along tracks used in the video for all examples available for free download at
  • running time: 106 minutes
  • includes 18 pages of written examples and exercises

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Modern Jazz Guitar - Part I
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