Modern Jazz Guitar Complete Series

Modern Jazz Guitar Part 3, Chord Voicing & Harmony, covers:

  • survey of modern jazz guitar chord voicings and harmony
  • discussion of three different approaches to harmony:  tonal, modal, and polytonal
  • ways to use some of the basic major-scale-derived voicings you may already know to get a more modern sound, with example voicings
  • examples of melodic minor-derived drop 2 and drop 3 voicings and ideas for reharmonizing basic chord progressions with them, including a brief overview of the modes of melodic minor
  • use of four-part-4th or 7sus4 chord structures for generating new harmonic material, either as substitute chords in a tonal context or in a modal context, with systematic presentation of voicings
  • overview of the five possible four-note chord types contained within any seven-note scale, with an explanation and discussion of each, with examples
  • examples of creating new voicings of the above chord types based on changing one or two notes of commonly known basic 7th chord shapes
  • explanation of drop 2&4 and drop 2&3 voicings, with examples and discussions of each
  • ideas for generating new voicings based on the above chords
  • exploration of unusual, more dissonant, or “wrong” color tones added to basic shell voicings, with examples
  • discussion of two- and three-note chords derived from four-note voicings, with examples
  • using modern harmonic vocabulary for self-comping during a single note solo
  • application of polytonality to playing over standard chord progressions, with both quartal and third-based chord voicings
  • examples of chord voicings and chordal phrases in the style of several modern jazz guitarists including Kurt Rosenwinkel, Jonathan Kreisberg, Ben Monder, John Stowell, and Lage Lund
  • backing MP3 play-along tracks used in the video for all examples and etudes
  • running time: 107 minutes
  • includes 18 pages of written examples and exercises

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