Part 4, Rhythm 1, covers exploration of rhythms used in modern jazz, discussion of odd groupings.

Modern Jazz Guitar Complete Series
Modern Jazz Guitar Part 4, Rhythm 1, covers:

• exploration of rhythms used in modern jazz
• discussion of odd groupings of notes in 4/4 time for polyrhythmic effects
• examples of odd groupings by interval, by accent, and by articulation
• application of odd groupings to melodic patterns from Modern Jazz Guitar Part 2, Melody
• discussion of applying the odd grouping concept over chord changes and typical four-bar phrases
• in-depth exploration of eighth-note, quarter-note, and half-note triplets, with both melodic and harmonic exercises for gaining proficiency with each of these rhythms
• explanation of displaced quarter-note and half-note triplets, with examples and exercises
• examples of melodic patterns from the Melody class applied to odd groupings of triplets and displacements for polyrhythmic effects
• exploration of the three different combinations of two eighth-note triplets within one beat, with example
• examples of odd rhythmic groupings of chords over a standard chord progression for applying the above concepts to comping and chordal phrases
• explanation of the basic “claves” for 5/4 and 7/4 time
• examples of ideas for “breaking out of the clave prison” in 5/4 time in order to achieve freedom and rhythmic variety when soloing and comping in that time signature
• exploration of polyrhythms and odd groupings in 5/4 time, with examples and demonstrations
• backing MP3 play-along tracks used in the video for all examples and etudes, as well as 5/4 and 7/4 practice groove tracks
• running time: 104 minutes
• includes 13 pages of written examples and exercises

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Modern Jazz Guitar - Part IV
Modern Jazz Guitar – Part IV 01:44:00

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  1. 5

    To repeat the opinion of the other pleased customers, this lesson is fantastic. Attention and creativity in the dimension of rhythm can really revitalize your playing. Tom shows how it’s done.

    by Caroline Merrill
  2. 5

    I have been playing and teaching professionally for 25 years. In my opinion Tom’s classes on the fascinating and challenging topic of rhythm are, simply put, the best. I highly, highly recommend them.

    by Draa Hobbs
  3. 5

    Another very happy customer here. Tom has crammed lots of information in here and a lot of it looks at concepts in a unique way. I agree with the comment about it all being fresh material. I’m looking forward to getting some of his other videos once I feel I’ve sufficiently absorbed some of this – it may take some time….

    by Michael Nisbet
  4. 5

    I can only say that everything the other two reviewers say about the series and Vol. IV in particular is true.

    Don’t miss this great series, it’s worth every penny and then some!

    by Ulrich Mueller-Romeike
  5. 5

    The section on odd meters is worth the entire cost of the class and then some. Some of the MOST usable instructional material I have ever seen on playing in odd times or mixed meters. I am looking forward to working through the entire series. Really amazing material from a monster player and teacher.

    by jeff stocks
  6. 5

    I resisted the urge to buy this class(putting kids thru college is killing my disposable income)but I gave in, and I’m so glad I did. This subject is actually more of an uncharted territory than other aspects of improvising, and this class, as well as Steve Herberman’s class on "Odd Meters" will open anyone’s eyes to the unlimited options in rhythmic fluency. Tom is an outstanding player as well as teacher. The Part III class I found to have largely familiar information, but delivered in a unique and readily absorbable way; this one, however, is largely uncharted territory. Nothing here will be "the same old thing in a new package"; this is fresh material, clearly presented, and thoroughly notated and organized. You cannot go wrong with any of Tom’s classes, but this one is unlike anything else and a fine companion for Steve’s "Odd Meters" one.

    by james Seaberry
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