“You’ve learned all the scales, all the licks, all the chords… Now it’s time to get in there and play the tunes!”

In this course Prof. Ben Sher will get you ‘jam session ready’. He’ll help you to put it all together and have some complete tunes dowm so you will be able to get out there and go play. COVID is coming to an end, time to get ready!

Ben will help you to memorize the changes and melodies, be able to harmonize the melody enough to carry the tune, work on soloing, and on standard conventions like intros and tags.

He’ll cover four different types of tunes: jazz/blues, standards, bosses, and ‘rhythm changes’ based compositions. The class will work on different variations of

chord changes in blues and rhythm changes — and how those variations also relate to possibilities in standard tunes. Eight tunes will be covered: two of each type — one basic and one a bit more challenging. So whatever level you’re playing at, you’ll be able to hone your skills and get some tunes ready to play! Lead sheets, information on chord voicings, and playalong tracks for you to practice with will be provided. Please join-in for a fun eight weeks of learning and playing tunes.Time to get into the game!

LIVE ONLINE 8-week course!

Prof. Sher provides an organized curriculum with lots of fun and vital materials, including transcriptions, charts, and play-along tracks. Perfect opportunity for the socially-distanced guitar student.

Weekly classes Wednesdays March 31-May 19, 2021
7 & 8:30 PM EST

Course fee: $325
ENROLL BY March 24, 2021!

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8 Weeks of Live Interactive Instruction

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