By taking this course, you will discover what physical/technical weak points are in your playing.  By isolating the movements it will open the door to be expressive in music in ways you weren’t capable of before.


Too many people, especially yours truly, have gone through technique books, or learned a lick where we could get it about 75% good, but there was either it was sloppy or we just couldn’t get it right. We might try to fix it for a while, but ultimately either accept ineptitude and use it anyway possibly even playing it faster as a mess or just decide it’s not worth the time. Sound familiar?

The idea is really this; you want perfect synchronization between your picking hand and your fretting hand, at any speed. This will require getting your fretting hand up to speed, and to fix any inherent problems in your alternate picking prowess.

These exercises are what I have found to yield the most return for your time investment. They focus on the simplest variations to nail the problem where it starts.

While technique is not music, we still have to address the physical attributes of guitar to perform at our best. Along with exercises, Tim explains many typical stumbling blocks, including an analysis on picking motion (arm vs wrist vs Benson) and how that can be applied to your own playing to free you up.

We also dive deep into finger placement, posture, what relaxed really means, swarm method, finger placement and perhaps most importantly, how better technique leads to better time feel, plus much more.

While many concepts are employed in the first half of the class, the second half deals with Part 1 of technical exercises meant to improve the synchronization of both hands when dealing with linear picked (alternate picking or finger picking) structures.

These technical exercises are meant to be done for 4 weeks, 15 to 25 minutes a day, to see great improvement in muscular movements on the guitar.

While this course dives deep into the “purely” technical exercises, future masterclasses will spend time in the more critical musically applied technique, which the bulk of your practice should be geared towards. However, there are physical concerns that must be addressed.

Other physical lead technical practices on legato, one note per string, hybrid picking etc… courses will come in the future, that address weaknesses in the same way.

Along with the video course included is a book to describe the exercises as well as a sheet to fill out your progress.

  • Soloing
  • Technique

Sub-topic 1: Guitar technique

Sub-topic 2:Alternate Picking Motion

Sub-topic 3: Finger Placement and Tone

Running time: 1 hour 19 minutes
16 Pages PDF Included

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Class Content

Full Class + Download
Linear Picking: Full Class + Download 01:18:50
Conceptual Ideas
1: Intro 00:03:22
2: Hearing Fast 00:02:29
3: Side Note – Be Proactive 00:00:55
4: Technique Style – the trap 00:01:02
5: Working on Your Strenths 00:01:07
6: Technique and Timing Feel 00:02:22
7: Relaxed is FAST 00:00:49
8: One Motion SWARM 00:00:52
9: Light vs Hard Picking 00:00:43
10: Posture 00:01:18
11: The Neck 00:02:11
Physical Aspects
12: Physical Aspects Intro 00:01:07
13: Picking Considerations 00:02:07
14: Picking Location for Tone 00:01:48
15: Pick Shape or Style and String Height 00:02:34
15b: Picking Angle 00:00:52
16: Arm vs Wrist vs Elbow vs … 00:06:22
17: Fretting Hand Considerations 00:02:00
18: Economy of Motion 00:01:47
19: The Mighty Metronome 00:00:44
20: The PLAN Intro 00:02:00
21: The Pinky Finger 00:01:29
22: 3-step Approach 00:01:26
The Exercises
23: The Exercises – Introduction 00:04:53
24: Guided Practice Through the Exercises 00:21:44
25: Sextuplets 00:04:58
26: Conclusion 00:04:55

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  1. Saw this, made the purchase, good call


    I got an email regarding this course and knowing Tim’s name from a FB group, I checked it out and invested the money. I sat and watched the entire video, and downloaded the spreadsheet and pdf.
    Great tips and thoughts throughout the entire video. Now for the real work to begin, and that is working the material. I look forward to the results I know I’ll get after putting in the 15 – 30 minutes per day on this material for the next 4 weeks.
    Although I just watched the video, and have yet to work on the material for the suggested time, I can see that the ideas presented here are solid and will pay off. I recommend this course to everyone.


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