In this instructional video, M Arenas covers a plethora of Fusion and Jazz Chords and their corresponding relationship to the CAGED System.

In addition to his thoroughness with the explanation and demonstration of the CAGED System, he adds some of his favorite Fusion Jazz Chord Voicings and discusses in a bonus footage section the more fine details about proper playing technique in both the left and right hand. M Arenas covers more the kinesiology of playing the guitar in this bonus footage.

M Arenas also in this jam packed video lays out a “game plan” or the rules of how the CAGED System works across the entire fingerboard. Toward the end, M Arenas also explains in detail examples of proper practice habits and regimen for a guitarist who wishes to play complex chords and chord progressions and play them more effortlessly in a short amount of practice time.

This instructional video comes with pdf booklet
The chord forms covered in this video are:

CAGED Forms (All 5 forms)
Major 7th
Major 9th
Major 6/9
Minor 6th
Minor 7th
Minor 9th
Minor 11th
Minor 6/9
7th (#9th)
7th (#11th)
7th (b9th)
7th (b13th)
Minor 7(b5th)

M Arenas also covers some of his favorite Fusion Jazz Chord Voicings in this video that includes these forms:

Minor 9th
Minor 11th
Major 9th
Major 6/9
13th (b9)
7th (b9)
7th (b13,b9)
7th (b9,#11)
7th (b9,11)
7th (b9,11,b13)

These chord voicings are often used in Fusion compositions by Fusion Jazz masters like Holdsworth, McLaughlin, Gambale, Towner, DiMeola and some of the voicings shown were taken straight from pianists voicings like Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea.

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The Art of Fusion 5 - Chords and CAGED System
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  1. Art Of Fusion 5


    As a chord lover this course is excellent. The fusion voicings are a great bonus treat.

    by Dane Clarke
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